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Germaine Chaumel, photographe occup\u00e9e par Toulouse - Arts et sc\u00e8nes - T\u00e9l\u00e9rama.frdday 
Revivez la lib\u00e9ration de Toulouse il y a 75 ans en photos et vid\u00e9odday 
Liberation of Toulouse, Aug 19th 1944dday 
French villagers protest against British sculptor's 'monstrous' D-Day memorial in Normandy | World News | Sky Newsdday 
Normandy - D Day - BBC Documentary 2019 HD - YouTubedday 
Best D-Day sites to visit with the kidsdday 
10 Top Normandy D-Day Beaches and Memorials | PlanetWaredday 
The Special Relationship | History Todayee_ted 
International Economic Co-operation After 1945 | History Todayee_ted 
China's Interesting Times | History Todayee_ted 
America: the Last Empire | History Todayee_ted 
The Rise and Fall of the Big Three | History Todayee_ted 
France\u2019s last guillotine execution only 40 years ago | Daily Telegraphee_paul 
American in Paris | The New Yorkeree_paul 
Should Capital Punishment Be Abolished? The Problem of the Hour in France on JSTORee_paul 
France's final guillotine: 40 years since the end of the death penalty | Euronewsee_paul 
France and the Death Penaltyee_paul 
Robert Badinter | International Commission against the Death Penaltyee_paul 
Les avocats se souviennent de la guillotine | Slate.free_paul 
fall of the mongols book - Google Searchee_fergus 
Medieval News: The Decline and Fall of the Mongol Empireee_fergus 
The Decline and Fall of the Mongol Empire | Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society | Cambridge Coreee_fergus 
The Mongols by David Morganee_fergus 
The Fall Of The Mongol Empire - YouTubeee_fergus 
Scientists Finally Know What Stopped Mongol Hordes From Conquering Europeee_fergus 
Why did the Mongol Empire Collapse? - The Mongols (Part 2\/2) - YouTubeee_fergus 
Mongol Empire - The Rise and Fall of the Mongol Empire - YouTubeee_fergus 
How Thatcher Changed Britain - Video - NYTimes.comee_joe 
Industrial collapse of Thatcher years led to crime rise, study finds | Politics | The Guardianee_joe 
The jury's still out on Thatcher's legacy - History Extraee_joe 
What Is Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's Legacy? - History Extraee_joe 
Burying Our Complex Past | History Todayee_joe 
History's Straw Polls? | History Todayee_joe 
Maggie's Lucky Strike | History Todayee_joe 
The Derryard Attack | History Todayee_joe 
Margaret Thatcher's Career in Perspective | History Todayee_joe 
BERLIN CALLING - Trailerberlin2019 
Summer in Berlin - Trailerberlin2019 
Babylon Berlin - Trailer l Netflixberlin2019 
Atomic Blonde - Trailerberlin2019 
The Tunnel - Trailerberlin2019 
Alone in Berlin - Trailerberlin2019 
The Edukators - Trailerberlin2019 
The Baader Meinhof Complex - Trailerberlin2019 
Run Lola Run (1998)berlin2019 
Cabaret - Trailer (1972)berlin2019 
Germany Year Zero (1948)berlin2019 
Downfall - Official Trailer (2004)berlin2019 
Bridge of Spies - Official Trailer (2015)berlin2019 
Goodbye Lenin! [2003] - Trailer - YouTubeberlin2019 
BERLIN - Dangerous Ideas - YouTubeberlin berlin2019 
BERLIN - Ruined Visions - YouTubeberlin berlin2019 
Documentary - The lost world of communism part (East Germany)berlin berlin2019 
The Flying Dutchman - evolution of the mythpirate_myths 
Legend of The Flying Dutchman, Ghostly Apparition of The Ship of Captain Hendrick | Ancient Originspirate_myths 
'Davy Jones' locker' - the meaning and origin of this phrasepirate_myths 
Davy Jones releases the kraken - YouTubepirate_myths 
The real-life origins of the legendary Krakenpirate_myths 
Odysseus and Calypso - YouTubepirate_myths 
Kraken - Wikipediapirate_myths 
(88) What If The Kraken Was Real? - YouTubepirate_myths 
History of Kraken - YouTubepirate_myths 
Scariest Ghost Stories & Legends: The Flying Dutchman - YouTubepirate_myths 
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Flying Dutchman's attack - YouTubepirate_myths 
Davy Jones - First Scene HD - YouTubepirate_myths 
davy jones and calypso - YouTubepirate_myths 
Flying Dutchman - Wikipediapirate_myths 
Calypso: Facts and Information on the Goddess Calypsopirate_myths 
Calypso and Odysseus, the Greek myth of seduction of Odysseus by Calypsopirate_myths 
Calypso (mythology) - Wikipediapirate_myths 
The Story Behind The Term 'Davy Jones Locker'pirate_myths 
Davy Jones' Locker - Wikipediapirate_myths 
Jamestown - Primary Source Set | Teacher Resources - Library of CongressThe Tudors 
Wealth and Frailty - Ep 1: Caligari and the Founding - YouTubeweimar_culture 
UFH SPECIAL: The Weimar Republic - YouTubeweimar_culture 
August Sander - YouTubeweimar_culture 
Chasing a Rainbow: The Life of Josephine Baker - YouTubeweimar_culture 
\u200eBoxer Rebellion (1976) directed by Chang Cheh \u2022 Reviews, film + cast \u2022 Letterboxdboxer_uprising 
55 Days at Peking - Wikipediaboxer_uprising 
MIT Visualizing Culturesboxer_uprising 
Lesson: The Boxer Rebellion - edss471boxer_uprising 
Rebels: The Boxer Rebellion | Facing History and Ourselvesboxer_uprising 
The Victorian Web ( 
1966: China Huge Crowd Greet Chairman Maomao_rule 
History Channel Declassified Chairman Mao - YouTubemao_rule 
Mao's Mango Fever - How he used the fruit as part of his cult of personalitymao_rule 
Chairman Mao and John McDonnell's Little Red Book - Newsnightmao_rule 
Mao Zedong's 1966 Swim of the Yangtze - YouTubemao_rule 
"The Barefoot Doctors of Rural China"mao_rule 
Chairman Mao's historic swim and leaders who have followed his examplemao_rule 
Rural literacy camapigns and the politics of education in the Peoples Republic of Chinamao_rule 
Health for the Masses: China's 'Barefoot Doctors' : NPRmao_rule 
Barefoot doctor: 'We did have shoes' - BBC Newsmao_rule 
WHO | China's village doctors take great stridesmao_rule 
How and where to buy gold bullion coins and bars - MoneyWeekgold 
Victoria Young Head Sovereign | BullionByPost - From \u00a3301.90gold 
Central Gov - nationality informationfrench-nationality 
Was notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper a woman?hn-yr9-jack 
Doubts over Ripper 'memoirs' findhn-yr9-jack 
How fearless Forty Elephants girl gang terrorised 19th century Londonyr9_jack_the_ripper hn-yr9-jack 
Castro's Cuba and Mao's China: Communist regimes that never saw eye to eye - CNNmao_rule 
Mao and Castro's Economic Policy - Compare and contrast table in A Level and IB Historymao_rule 
A Chronology of the PRC under Mao Zedong (1949-1976) | Asia for Educators | Columbia Universitymao_rule 
Great Helmsman or ruinous dictator? China remembers Mao, 40 years after death | World news | The Guardianmao_rule 
Snippets That Recreate Board Games in the Virtual Worldinspiration codepen 
Monopoly boardcodepen 
10 Custom CSS & JavaScript Hover & Click Effectsinspiration 
A Not-So-Great Societyib_lbj_domestic 
What Everyone Gets Wrong About LBJ's Great Society - POLITICO Magazineib_lbj_domestic 
How the White House Went Green: The Environmental Legacy of President LBJ and Lady Bird Johnsonib_lbj_domestic 
What Were LBJ's Great Society Programmes?ib_lbj_domestic 
Lyndon Johnson's 'Great Society' []ib_lbj_domestic LOOKS ONE OF THE BESTpracped18 
Quality Products: Stickers, Pin Badges, Skins, Magnets & Wall Stickerspracped18 
Branded Contrast Shopper from Fluid Brandingpracped18 
Roald Dahl's History of Chocolate
History for chocoholics | IHR Digitalia_2019_jade 
Chocolate, Women and Empire: a Social and Cultural History | Reviews in Historyia_2019_jade 
William Cadbury, Chocolate, and Slavery in Portuguese West Africa | Isles Abroadia_2019_jade 
Review: Peter Longerich Heinrich Himmler - Dialog Internationalia_2019_madi 
Heinrich Himmler: A Life by Peter Longerich and Hitler\u2019s Hangman: The Life of Heydrich by Robert Gerwarth: review - Telegraphia_2019_madi 
The SS: a New Historyia_2019_madi 
McMillan on Longerich, 'Heinrich Himmler: A Life' | H-Genocide | H-Netia_2019_madi 
Egypt demands return of the Rosetta Stone - Telegraphia_2019_rachel 
The Big Question: What is the Rosetta Stone, and should Britain return it to Egypt? | The Independentia_2019_rachel 
The History and Significance of the Rosetta Stoneia_2019_rachel 
The rise of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda 1980-1996 - YouTubeextended-essay_madi 
Al Qaeda - Background - Al Qaeda | Inside The Terror Network | FRONTLINE | PBSextended-essay_madi 
Google Books for Student Research: 3 minute video guide | Tarr's Toolboxextended-essay_madi extended-essay_eleanor 
The 9/11 Commission Reportextended-essay_madi 
"The Road to 9/11" Traces the Historical Roots of the Current Conflict Between the West and the Muslim Worldextended-essay_madi 
Today's terrorism didn't start with 9/11 - CNNextended-essay_madi 
9/11 “terrorism,” “root causes” and all that: policy implications of the socio-cultural argumentextended-essay_madi 
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United Statesextended-essay_madi 
Searching for the Roots of 9/11 - Wikipediaextended-essay_madi 
"9/11" - ActiveHistory: History Podcasts Directoryextended-essay_madi 
"Qaeda" search - ActiveHistory: History Podcasts Directoryextended-essay_madi 
ActiveHistory: History Podcasts Directory - "HEART" searchextended-essay_eleanor 
Recommended books for Madi's EE from RTAextended-essay_madi 
Eleanor - Extended Essay Recommended books from RTA ( 
Something the Lord Made (The1st Heart Surgeon) - YouTubeextended-essay_eleanor 
The Blalock and Taussig Shunt Revisited (PDF Download Available)extended-essay_eleanor 
The Blalock-Taussig shunt: the social history of an eponym | Cardiology in the Young | Cambridge Coreextended-essay_eleanor 
Modified Blalock Taussig shunt: a not-so-simple palliative procedure | European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery | Oxford Academicextended-essay_eleanor 
Blalock Tussig Shuntextended-essay_eleanor 
The Blalock and Taussig Shunt Revisitedextended-essay_eleanor 
The Wall inside the city - Berlin.deberlin 
Berlin Neue Wache memorial, by H. Marcuse, 1997 presentationberlin 
History of the Berlin Wall and its fall visualized with videos and images - rbbberlin gcse_cold_war ib_cold_war 
MEININGER Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatzberlin 
Behind the Hidden Doors of Berlin - Atlas Obscuraberlin 
When You're Managing Rebels and Mavericksmyp 
Berlin - YouTubeberlin 
Berlin [DVD] [2009]: Matt Frei, David Vincent: DVD & Blu-rayberlin 
Self Guided Berlin Walking Tours | Free Tours by Footberlin 
Berlin off the beaten track: the former HQ of the Nazi Luftwaffe and an incredible GDR muralberlin 
The first ever altered imageshn-misc ib_russia_stalin 
George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' resonated with Ukrainian refugeesib_russia_stalin 
Why Stalin loved Tarzan and wanted John Wayne shot - Telegraphib_russia_stalin 
Seventeen Momentsib_russia_nick2 ib_russia_stalin ib_russia_lenin 
30+ Best Wordpress Event & Conference Themespracped18 
Vaporetto (Venice, Italy): What You Need to Know (with Photos) - TripAdvisorvenice 
Venicelink | Water Taxisvenice 
How useful is the photography of Hoffmann to the historian of Nazi Germany?extended_essays_internal_assessments 
(11) The Other Pompeii: Life and Death in Herculaneum (BBC) - YouTubepompeii 
Resurrecting Pompeii | History | Smithsonianpompeii 
Pompeii exhibition: a history of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 10 objects - Telegraphpompeii 
BBC - History - Pompeii: Portents of Disasterpompeii 
Daily Life | A Day in Pompeiipompeii 
Pompeii's Villa of Mysteries restored and re-opened amid EU funding threat | Daily Mail Onlinepompeii 
(11) ITV Documentaries - Pompeii with Michael Buerk (2016) - YouTubepompeii 
(11) Pompeii Documentary on the Mysteries of Pompeii Herculaneum - YouTubepompeii 
(11) Pompeii - Life and Death in a Roman Town ( Mary Beard ) - YouTubepompeii 
(11) The Private Lives of Pompeii (Ancient Rome Documentary) | Timeline - YouTubepompeii 
(11) The Real Pompeii (Full Documentary) - YouTubepompeii 
Pompei Virtual Tourpompeii 
Skin (2008)film_africas film_south_africa 
Cry Freedom (1987)film_africas film_south_africa 
Invictus (2009)film_africas film_south_africa 
Cry Freedom (1987)film_africa film_1970s film_africas film_south_africa 
Catch a Fire (2006)film_africas film_south_africa 
Blood and Glory (2016)film_africa film_2016 film_africas film_south_africa 
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013)film_africa film_1960s film_africas film_south_africa 
Zulu (1964)film_africa film_1750-1900 film_africas film_south_africa 
Goodbye Bafana (2007)film_africa film_1960s film_africas film_south_africa 
How to use Photoshop's Quick Selection Tool to Change a Backgroundphotoshop 
Before the Fall (2004)film_germany film_1940s film_ww2 
Zero Dark Thirty (2012)film_middle-east film_2000s 
Letters from Iwo Jima (2006)film_ww2 film_japan 
The Atomic Cafe (1982)film_coldwar 
Thirteen Days (2000)film_coldwar film_1960s film_cuba 
Attack (1956)film_ww2 
Paths of Glory (1957)film_ww1 
The Battle of Algiers (1966)film_france film_africa 
Beasts of No Nation (2015)film_africa film_2017 
The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)film_ww2 
The Longest Day (1962)film_ww2 
Where Eagles Dare (1968)film_ww2 
The Eagle Has Landed (1976)film_ww2 
The Heroes of Telemark (1965)film_ww2 
In Which We Serve (1942)film_ww2 
The Thin Red Line (1998)film_ww2 
Breaker Morant (1980)film_south_africa 
Where Eagles Dare (1968)film_ww2 
The Great Escape (1963)film_ww2 
Fury (2014)film_ww2 
Hell in the Pacific (1968)film_ww2 
Inglourious Basterds (2009)film_ww2 
Amistad (1997)film_north_america film_1750-1900 film_black-history film_africa film_slavery film_america 
Free State of Jones (2016)film_north_america film_1750-1900 film_america 
12 Years a Slave (2013)film_slavery film_1750-1900 film_black-history 
500 Years Later (2005)film_1750-1900 film_2000s film_black-history film_slavery 
Dunkirk (2017)film_ww2 film_2017 
Service to Man (2016)film_2016 film_black-history film_america film_1960s 
All That Remains (2016)film_ww2 film_japan 
The Chronicles of Melanie (2016)film_2016 film_russia 
Soldado Argentino solo conocido por Dios (2016)film_2016 film_falklands 
My War (2016)film_china film_korea film_2016 
Ethel & Ernest (2016)film_england film_1940s film_2016 
Operation Chromite (2016)film_korea film_2016 
In This Corner of the World (2016)film_2016 film_japan film_ww2 
Elvis & Nixon (2016)film_america film_1970s 
Frantz (2016)film_ww1 film_2016 
The Birth of a Nation (2016)film_america film_1750-1900 film_slavery film_2016 
Bridge of Spies (2015)film_coldwar film_1960s 
Jackie (2016)film_2016 film_america film_1960s 
Anthropoid (2016)film_ww2 film_2016 
The Man with the Iron Heart (2017)film_2017 film_ww2 
Schindler's List (1993)film_ww2 film_poland 
Detroit (2017)film_black-history film_1960s film_america 
The Zookeeper's Wife (2017)film_poland film_ww2 film_2017 
MacArthur (1977)film_korea film_coldwar 
Hacksaw Ridge (2016)film_ww2 
Darkest Hour (2017)film_ww2 film_1940s film_england film_2017 
Eyes on the Prize (TV Series 1987)film_1960s film_black-history film_america 
Primary Source Investigation - Did the League of Nations matter in the 1920s?league_1920s 
Hidden Figures (2016)film_1960s film_america film_black-history 
Expositions itinerantes - Toulouse archivestoulouse 
Archives municipales de Toulouse | Flickrtoulouse 
L'\u00e9conomie toulousaine pendant la Grande Guerre | Flickrtoulouse 
Bundesarchive Photos 1933 - 1945..+ all fields of WWII - Page 529 - Histomil.comtoulouse 
'I have come out of the night, and you fed me.' | American Friends Service Committeetoulouse 
My French Life\u2122 - Ma Vie Fran\u00e7aise\u00aetoulouse 
Toulouse in WW2toulouse 
Cypher Wheel - What Is The Cypher Wheel?The Renaissance 
Luca Pacioli - WikipediaThe Renaissance 
Berlin - Berlin online and apps for Berlin - ENberlin 
Walking Tours Berlin - Panorama-b - Berlin Walking Toursberlin 
Havana (1990)film_cuba 
Cuba (1979)film_cuba 
Creating an Escape Room Game at Camp - Summer Camp Programmingescape_room 
Do(n't) Panic - Escape Room Manual Final.pdf - Google Driveescape_room 
Classroom Escape Room (Review Game)escape_room 
Escape Room Games In Orlando - Escapologyescape_room 
DIY escape room | How to design your 1st Escape Gameescape_room 
Cipher Wheels - Creative Escape Roomsescape_room 
THE CHANAK CRISIS AND THE BRITISH CABINET - DARWIN - 1980 - History - Wiley Online Librarygcse_peace_treaties 
BBC - iWonder - The rise and fall of David Lloyd Georgegcse_peace_treaties 
Quotes about the Treaty of Trianon by famous non-Hungarian people - Daily News Hungarygcse_peace_treaties 
Cold War Walking Tour of Berlin | Viatorberlin 
Berlin History | Travelbound - Great itineraryberlin 
History Articles - Inquiries Journalextended_essays_internal_assessments 
History vs. Richard Nixon - Alex Gendler - YouTubeib_nixon 
Nixon's Domestic Policies - YouTubeib_nixon 
Nixon and Domestic Issues - AP U.S. History Topic Outlines - Study Notesib_nixon 
The 5 Key Legacies of Former President Richard Nixon on His 100th Birthday - ABC Newsib_nixon 
Presidency of Richard Nixon - Wikipediaib_nixon 
Domestic policies - Richard M. Nixonib_nixon 
Richard Nixon: Domestic Affairs | Miller Centerib_nixon 
The February Revolution and Kerensky's Missed Opportunityigcse_russia 
President Richard Nixon Announces Environmental Program - YouTubeib_nixon 
Critical assessment of Nixon's environmental recordib_nixon 
Richard Nixon's dark side has obscured his greatness - Telegraphib_nixon 
The Return of Great Power Politics: Re-Examining the Nixon Doctrine - War on the Rocksib_nixon 
Pan-African News Wire: US Foreign Policy Towards Africa During the Nixon\/Ford Administrationsib_nixon 
Nixon's foreign policyib_nixon 
All the President's Acumen: The Paradox of Nixon's Foreign Policy | Foreign Affairsib_nixon 
Richard Nixon: Foreign Affairsib_nixon 
How Will Historians Treat Richard Nixon?ib_nixon 
Is Donald Trump going to be the new Nixon of foreign policy?ib_nixon At Drake's Command: The Adventures of Peregrine JamesThe Tudors 
Hitler's Olympic charade: New documentary tells how the Nazi dictator turned the 1936 Berlin Games into a weapon for war | Daily Mail OnlineThe Berlin Nazi Olympics, 1936 
Nazi Olympics Tangled Politics and SportThe Berlin Nazi Olympics, 1936 
Olympic Symbols Originated from Hitler's Nazi PropagandaThe Berlin Nazi Olympics, 1936 
The shameful legacy of the Olympic Games | Film | The GuardianThe Berlin Nazi Olympics, 1936 
Malcolm X (1992)film_north_america film_1960s film_africa film_black-history 
JFK (1991)film_1960s film_north_america 
Why We Fight (2005)film_2000s film_north_america 
Full Metal Jacket (1987)film_vietnam film_1960s film_north_america 
The Deer Hunter (1978)film_north_america film_vietnam film_1970s 
Nixon (1995)film_north_america film_1960s film_1970s 
The Miracle of Bern (2003)film_1950s film_coldwar film_germany 
Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)film_1930s film_australia 
There Will Be Blood (2007)film_north_america film_1910s 
Avenge But One of My Two Eyes (2005)film_middle-east film_2000s 
September 11 (2002)film_north_america film_middle-east film_2000s 
United 93 (2006)film_2000s film_middle-east film_north_america 
Blood Diamond (2006)film_africa film_2000s 
The Band's Visit (2007)film_middle-east film_2000s film_comedy 
Wall (2004)film_middle-east film_2000s 
Waltz with Bashir (2008)film_middle-east film_1980s 
The Relief of Belsen (TV Movie 2007)film_ww2 film_holocaust film_england 
Come and See (1985)film_russia film_ww2 
When the Wind Blows (1986)film_coldwar film_1980s film_england 
The Aryan Couple (2004) - IMDbfilm_germany film_1930s film_holocaust 
Gladiator (2000)film_0000-1450 film_italy 
The Agony and the Ecstasy (1965)film_1500-1750 film_italy 
Life Is Beautiful (1997)film_holocaust film_ww2 film_italy 
The Last Days of Mussolini (1974)film_ww2 film_1940s film_italy 
Flame and Citron (2008)film_ww2 film_germany 
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) - IMDbfilm_1960s film_comedy 
A Knight's Tale (2001) - IMDbfilm_1000-1450 film_comedy 
Forrest Gump (1994) - IMDbfilm_north_america film_1960s film_comedy 
Four Lions (2010) - IMDbfilm_middle-east film_england film_2000s film_comedy 
Left Luggage (1998)film_1940s film_ww2 film_holocaust 
The World at War (1973)film_ww2 
Glory (1989)film_north_america film_black-history film_1750-1900 
Gettysburg (1993)film_1750-1900 
Gods and Generals (2003)film_north_america film_1750-1900 
Little Big Man (1970)film_1750-1900 
When We Were Kings (1996)film_north_america film_africa film_1970s film_black-history 
Gangs of New York (2002)film_north_america film_1750-1900 
Ride with the Devil (1999)film_north_america film_1750-1900 film_black-history 
In the Heat of the Night (1967)film_north_america film_1960s film_black-history 
The Civil War (TV Mini-Series 1990)film_north_america film_1750-1900 
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)film_north_america film_1750-1900 
Seraphim Falls (2006)film_1750-1900 
Shenandoah (1965)film_north_america film_1750-1900 
Paris 1919film_1910s film_ww1 film_ww2 
Good Bye Lenin! (2003) - IMDbfilm_1980s film_comedy film_germany 
A Very Long Engagement (2004) - IMDbfilm_ww1 
The Lost Battalion (TV Movie 2001)film_ww1 
Paths of Glory (1957)film_ww1 
Sergeant York (1941)film_north_america film_ww1 
The Lighthorsemen (1987)film_middle-east film_ww1 
King & Country (1964)film_ww1 
The Monocled Mutineer (TV Series 1986)film_ww1 
Haber (2008)film_ww1 
The Dawn Patrol (1938)film_ww1 
The Blue Max (1966)film_ww1 
Admiral (2008)film_russia film_1910s 
Hitler: The Rise of Evil (TV Movie 2003)film_ww1 film_ww2 film_germany film_1930s 
My Boy Jack (TV Movie 2007)film_ww1 
La Grande Illusion (1937)film_ww1 film_1930s 
The Battle of the Somme (1916)film_ww1 
Behind the Lines (1997)film_ww1 
Joyeux Noel (2005)film_ww1 
All the King's Men (TV Movie 1999)film_ww1 
Oh! What a Lovely War (1969)film_ww1 
War Horse (2011)film_ww1 
Beneath Hill 60 (2010)film_ww1 film_australia 
All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)film_ww1 film_germany 
Blackadder Goes Forth (TV Series 1989)film_ww1 film_comedy 
The Trench (1999)film_ww1 
Gallipoli (1981)film_ww1 film_australia 
M (1931)film_germany film_1930s 
The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl (1993)film_germany film_1930s film_womens-history 
Downfall (2004)film_germany film_1940s film_ww2 
Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler (1922)film_germany film_1920s 
The White Ribbon (2009)film_germany film_1910s film_ww1 
Triumph of the Will (1935)film_germany film_1930s 
The Wave (2008)film_germany film_1940s film_1980s 
Belle Epoque (1992)film_1930s film_spain 
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2005)film_germany film_1940s film_womens-history 
Animal Farm (1954)film_russia film_1920s film_1930s 
Rasputin (TV Movie 1996)film_russia film_1910s 
Reds (1981)film_russia film_1910s 
The Last Station (2009)film_russia film_1910s 
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969)film_1930s film_england film_ww2 film_womens-history 
MacArthur (1977)film_1940s film_1950s 
The Day After (TV Movie 1983)film_north_america film_1980s 
The Color Purple (1985) - IMDbfilm_black-history film_north_america film_1930s film_womens-history 
The Baader Meinhof Complex (2008)film_germany film_1970s 
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)film_north_america film_black-history 
The Duellists (1977)film_1750-1900 
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)film_north_america film_1930s 
Monsieur N. (2003)film_1750-1900 
This Sporting Life (1963)film_1960s film_england 
Persepolis (2007)film_middle-east film_1980s 
The Manchurian Candidate (1962)film_north_america film_1960s 
The Help (2011)film_north_america film_1960s film_black-history 
Once Upon a Time in America (1984)film_north_america film_1920s 
Cold War (TV Mini-Series 1998)film_1940s film_1950s film_1960s film_1970s film_1980s 
Lincoln (2012)film_north_america film_1750-1900 
The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara (2003)film_north_america film_1960s film_vietnam 
Jacob's Ladder (1990)film_vietnam film_north_america film_1960s film_1970s 
We Were Soldiers (2002) - IMDbfilm_north_america film_1960s film_vietnam 
Platoon (1986)film_vietnam film_1960s 
The Quiet American (2002)film_vietnam film_1950s 
The Pillars of the Earth (TV Mini-Series 2010)film_1000-1450 film_england 
The Dictator (2012)film_comedy film_middle-east film_2000s 
Munich (2005)film_middle-east film_1970s 
In the Loop (2009) - IMDbfilm_north_america film_comedy film_england film_2000s 
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3:10 to Yuma (2007)film_north_america film_1750-1900 
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The Special Relationship (TV 2010)film_north_america film_england film_1990s 
The Conspiratorfilm_north_america film_1750-1900 
Behind the Scenes of “Metropolis”, 1925-1926gcse_weimar_germany 
The First World War Explains Modern Conflictgcse_ww1_course ib_ww1_course hn-ww1 
100 years after 1914: Still in the grip of the Great War | The EconomistThe Causes of World War One 
Could this wallpaper prove that Napoleon was MURDERED?ib_napoleon2 
Mission MapQuest: The Revolutionary Warct_mapgame ct_history 
Beautifully presented - The Rhyme of History: Lessons of the Great Warib_ww1_course 
Gary Sheffield replies to Ferguson: 'A German victory would have been a disaster for Britain'The Causes of World War One 
Niall Ferguson: Britain entering first world war was 'biggest error in modern history'The Causes of World War One 
David Mitchell: 'Goveadder': the education secretary meets his fate in the trenchesThe Causes of World War One 
Margaret MacMillan: The first world war centenary should be about shared understanding, not political point-scoringThe Causes of World War One 
Gary Sheffield: The first world war was far from futileThe Causes of World War One 
Michael Gove blasts 'Blackadder myths' about the First World War spread by television sit-coms and left-wing academicsThe Causes of World War One 
Jonathan Jones: Art of WW1: Michael Gove left in no man's land by first world war's artistic artillery | Art and design | theguardian.comThe Causes of World War One 
German historians have little time for Gove's Blackadder jibesThe Causes of World War One 
Historians are every bit as biased as anyone else \u2013 thank heaven \u2013 Telegraph BlogsThe Causes of World War One 
Antony Beevor: A century on, this bloody war still divides us - Comment - London Evening StandardThe Causes of World War One 
Michael Gove: He's not the Education Secretary, he's a very silly boy - Comment - Voices - The IndependentThe Causes of World War One 
Seumas Milne: First world war: an imperial bloodbath that's a warning, not a noble causeThe Causes of World War One 
Colour Photos from WW1gcse_ww1_course 
Nigel Farage: British incompetence in World War One has been overestimated. It's politicians, not the military, who deserve censureThe Causes of World War One 
Boris Johnson: We don't want any Kraut-bashing, but Germany DID start First World WarThe Causes of World War One 
Tristram Hunt: Michael Gove, using history for politicking is tawdryThe Causes of World War One 
Boris Johnson: Tristram Hunt should resign over First World War commentsThe Causes of World War One 
Cambridge history professor hits back at Michael Gove's 'ignorant attack' - UK Politics - UK - The IndependentThe Causes of World War One 
Richard J Evans: Michael Gove shows his ignorance of history - againThe Causes of World War One 
Cambridge University historian Professor Sir Richard Evans declines offer to sue Michael Gove for libel over 'Blackadder' First World War remarksThe Causes of World War One 
Max Hastings: Baldrick and the Left's cunning plan to twist our history to fit their deadly delusions | Mail OnlineThe Causes of World War One 
Boris Johnson: Germany started the Great War, but the Left can't bear to say so - TelegraphThe Causes of World War One 
Russel Tarr: 'Gove is using his position to recommend students be taught a predetermined conclusion on a highly emotive topic' - Education - TES NewsThe Causes of World War One 
BBC News - Blackadder star Sir Tony Robinson in Michael Gove WW1 rowThe Causes of World War One 
History dons back Gove over ban on Blackadder: Great War comedy is not a documentary for schools, they argue | Mail OnlineThe Causes of World War One 
Gove blamed for entrenching Cabinet in First World War row - TelegraphThe Causes of World War One 
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Vatican beatifies over 500 'martyrs of the faith' killed during Spanish civil war | World news | theguardian.comHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
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The Mr Men game: Professor Richard J EvansTarr v. Gove: The "Mr. Men Wars" 
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Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Excellent Educational Activities Developed by @RusselTarrTarr v. Gove: The "Mr. Men Wars" 
The Mister Men explain the story of Hitler | The Poke:Tarr v. Gove: The "Mr. Men Wars" 
The Mr Men affair, according to Private EyeTarr v. Gove: The "Mr. Men Wars" 
The Mr. Men avatar protest against Gove on VimeoTarr v. Gove: The "Mr. Men Wars" 
Michael Gove's teaching abilities - bores studentsTarr v. Gove: The "Mr. Men Wars" 
Michael Gove dodges questions about the speechTarr v. Gove: The "Mr. Men Wars" 
Michael Gove attacks use of Mr Men in iGCSE history lessons | Politics | The GuardianTarr v. Gove: The "Mr. Men Wars" 
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Details of surveys underpinning Michael Gove's assertion in Mail on Sunday re teenagers' lack of historical knowledge - a Freedom of Information request to Department for Education - WhatDoTheyKnowTarr v. Gove: The "Mr. Men Wars" 
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League of Nations and Manchurian DisputeVideo: Origins of World War Two 
Weimar 1919-21: Riots and Rebellions (7m)Video: Rise of Hitler 
Munich Putsch: Rise of Evil (5m)Video: Rise of Hitler 
Hitler Over Germany (2m)Video: Rise of Hitler 
Hitler delivers a speech against democracy, 1932Video: Rise of Hitler 
Hitler's charismatic speeches - analysisVideo: Rise of Hitler 
Chaplin mocks Hitler's speechmaking styleVideo: Rise of Hitler 
The 'Backstairs Intrigue' (5m)Video: Rise of Hitler 
Backstairs IntrigueVideo: Rise of Hitler 
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Army Swears Oath of Loyalty to HitlerVideo: Rise of Hitler 
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Before and After Gettysburg: Civil War Battle Maps (1)Video: American Civil War 
The Center for Teaching History with Technologyinset-NEW 
History's Heroesinset-NEW 
SocrativeTop Tools: Mobile Learning 
WW1 Origins (20m documentary)Video: Origins of World War One 
Britain declares war (6m)Video: Origins of World War One 
Naval Race (3m)Video: Origins of World War One 
Alliances (Hor.Hist) (2m)Video: Origins of World War One 
Schlieffen Plan (2m)Video: Origins of World War One 
Alliances (3m)Video: Origins of World War One 
Blackadder on the Alliance SystemVideo: Origins of World War One 
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The War of the World by Niall Ferguson: Origins of WW1Video: Origins of World War One 
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February Revolution (17m) - YouTubeVideo: Russian Revolutions Video: Tsar Nicholas II 
The October Revolution (17m) - YouTubeVideo: Russian Revolutions 
Middle East 1949-1990 (9m)Video: Middle East 1939-79 
The Middle East 1920s (15m)Video: Middle East 1914-49 
The Middle East 1920-22 (5m)Video: Middle East 1914-49 
The Middle East at the End of World War OneVideo: Middle East 1914-49 
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Communists, Nationalists, and China's Revolutions: Crash Course World HistoryVideo: The Rise of Mao 
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The Russian Revolution In Colour: The October RevolutionVideo: Russian Revolutions Video: Rule of Lenin 
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Stalin - BBC BitesizeVideo: Rise of Stalin Video: Rule of Stalin 
Russians divided over remembering StalinVideo: Rule of Stalin 
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Causes of the American Civil War - Bettina R.Video: IST Students 
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The Revolution in Barcelona - NEGATIVE resultsVideo: The Spanish Civil War 
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Lenin and Nationalities: Stalin and the 'Georgian Question'Video: Rule of Lenin 
Lenin's USSR: The Kronstadt UprisingVideo: Rule of Lenin 
Lenin's Economic Policy: From War Communism to NEPVideo: Rule of Lenin 
Stalin in the Russian Civil WarVideo: Rule of Lenin 
STALIN: Part 1 of 3 'Revolutionary'Video: Rise of Stalin 
The Russian Civil WarVideo: Rule of Lenin 
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CNN Cold War: Iron Curtain 1945-47Video: Origins of the Cold War 
CNN Cold War Origins: Comrades 1917-1945Video: Origins of the Cold War 
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Background to the Middle East CrisisVideo: Middle East 1914-49 
The Middle East Crisis 1914-39 (First Overview)Video: Middle East 1914-49 
The Middle East Crisis 1914-39 (Second overview)Video: Middle East 1914-49 
1939-Nov 1947Video: Middle East 1914-49 
Nov. 1947-Apr. 1948Video: Middle East 1914-49 
Apr. 1948-May 1948Video: Middle East 1914-49 
May 1948-10 June 1948Video: Middle East 1914-49 
The Middle East Crisis: June 1948-Jan. 1949Video: Middle East 1914-49 
01.01.1956 - Suez Crisis: Czech Arms Deal and USA AngerVideo: Suez 
Aswan funding cancelledVideo: Suez 
07.26.1956: Suez Crisis - Nasser announces nationalisationVideo: Suez 
10.29,1956: Suez Crisis - Sevres recap - Israel invadesVideo: Suez 
10.31.1956: Suez Crisis - British invasion justifiedVideo: Suez 
11.01.1956: Suez Crisis - USA ReactsVideo: Suez 
12.23.1956: Suez Crisis - Nasser TriumphantVideo: Suez 
Suez Crisis - Eden resigns Jan 9 1957Video: Suez 
The End of WW2Video: Origins of the Cold War 
Churchill's Iron Curtain SpeechVideo: Origins of the Cold War 
Berlin Blockade (5m)Video: Origins of the Cold War 
Causes of WW2 Debate, 2010Video: IST Students 
Legacy of the Middle East ConflictVideo: Middle East 1914-49 
Mussolini: Early Life and Rise to PowerVideo: Rule of Mussolini 
Mussolini: Fall and LegacyVideo: Rule of Mussolini 
Mussolini: Religious PoliciesVideo: Rule of Mussolini 
Mussolini - Industry \/ AgricultureVideo: Rule of Mussolini 
Mussolini: Politics / Police StateVideo: Rule of Mussolini 
Mussolini: Politics, inc. Matteotti CrisisVideo: Rule of Mussolini 
Mussolini: Propaganda and Cult of PersonalityVideo: Rule of Mussolini 
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Mussolini's Italy - Part 1Video: Rule of Mussolini 
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China and the Rise of Chairman Mao - YouTubeVideo: The Rise of Mao 
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The Rule of Nicholas IIVideo: Tsar Nicholas II 
Tsar Alexander II part 2Video: Tsar Alexander II 
Tsar Alexander II part 1Video: Tsar Alexander II 
Allende and Pinochet in Chile from the Khan AcademyVideo: Rise of Pinochet 
The Other 9/11 - ChileVideo: Rise of Pinochet 
Ken Loach Chile 1973 september 11Video: Rise of Pinochet 
Mini BIO - Winston ChurchillVideo: Origins of the Cold War 
Mini BIO - Adolf HitlerVideo: Rise and rule of Single Party States 
Mini BIO - Franklin D. RooseveltVideo: Origins of the Cold War 
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Mini BIO - Saddam HusseinVideo: Rise and rule of Single Party States 
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The Spanish Civil War - Revolution, Counter-Revolution & Terror (2/6)Video: The Spanish Civil War 
The Spanish Civil War - Prelude to Tragedy (1/6)Video: The Spanish Civil War 
The Spanish Civil War - Inside the Revolution (5/6)Video: The Spanish Civil War 
The Spanish Civil War - Franco and the Nationalists (4/6)Video: The Spanish Civil War 
The Spanish Civil War - Battleground for Idealists (3/6)Video: The Spanish Civil War 
Mussolini: Italy's NightmareVideo: Rule of Mussolini ib_mussolini 
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Russia's Great War and Revolution: Excellent collection of articlesib_russia_1917 
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3 infographics tools that you and your students should be using | History TechTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
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Andrew Jacksonbrainybox_samples 
China's one-child policybrainybox_samples 
Chile to Exhume Nobel Prize Winner Neruda in Pinochet-Era Probe - Bloomberghn-ib-pinochet 
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Collapsible lists in JavaScriptclasstools_ideas 
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Reasoning Skills - Telescopic Topicct_philosophy ct_telescopic 
Anaerobic Digestion - Telescopic Topicct_biology ct_telescopic 
IB History Notes - The Struggle For Power Following The Death Of Mao Zedong, Hua Guofeng, The Reemergence Of Deng Xiaoping And The Defeat Of The Gang Of Fourib_china 
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Students: Total War - Civil War Debateyr9_american_civil_war 
The Napoleon Series - Excellent, comprehensive materials.ib_napoleon2 
BookBlock: A Content Flip PluginTop Tools: Digital Storytelling classtools_ideas 
Turn.js: Make a flipbook with HTML5Top Tools: Digital Storytelling classtools_ideas 
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Historian on the Edge: Professor Grumpy's Historical ManifestoTOK 
New Mexico Man Diagnosed With Bubonic PlagueHistory in the News: Black Death 
Colorado girl recovering from bubonic plagueHistory in the News: Black Death 
Marie Antoinette's slippers sell at auction for \u20ac50,000 - Telegraphhn-yr9-frenchrev 
Dr. Seuss\u2019 World War II Malaria Awareness Pamphlet and Newsmapib_ww2 
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Why did William win the Battle of Hastings? (History Burger Diagram)ct_burger ct_history 
What factors determine the development of settlements? (Geography Diamond9)ct_diamond9 ct_geography 
Great slider effect for new CT to stress Ipadct_RELAUNCH 
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Card Flip for IPhonect_RELAUNCH 
iTunes U Course Managerah_RELAUNCH 
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The 7 Sneakiest Ways Corporations Manipulated Human Behavior | Cracked.comTOK 
'Legitimate rape' \u2013 a medieval medical concept | Vanessa Heggie | Science | 
Reasons for believing in God (Religious Studies Diamond9)ct_religion ct_diamond9 
A vision of Britain through time | Your national on-line library for local historyyr9_misc 
Why Are Poor Countries Poor? (Geography Diamond9)ct_diamond9 ct_geography 
Finding Surface Area and Volume of 3-D objects (Maths Priority Chart)ct_priority ct_maths 
BBC News - Remains of 'medieval village' found in Herefordshirehn-yr7-misc 
Instruments in a Symphony (dustbin game)ct_music ct_dustbin 
Breaking down an Algebra Problem (burger diagram)ct_maths ct_burger 
Minerals and Rocks - 30 Questions (quiz)ct_geology ct_quiz 
Label the Parts of an Insect (PostIt)ct_postIt ct_biology 
Obama's Speeches as a Venn Diagram (ct_venn ct_politics 
Executive Core Qualifications Matching Gamect_business_studies ct_dustbin 
How do we measure aspects of population? (Geography Jigsaw)ct_jigsaw ct_geography 
Anatomy of the Ear (Biology PostIt)ct_biology ct_postIt 
Tiger Mom and Regular Momct_venn ct_pshce 
A History Teacher's Use of PinterestTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
Many Eyes : World War II Civilian Casualtiesib_ww2 
Can Science Explain History? | History TodayTOK 
The Voice of the Active Learner - YouTubeinset0-intro-starters 
Dr. Seuss's World War II Political Propaganda Cartoons | Brain Pickingsib_ww2 
Marie-Antoinette: The Story Behind The Movieyr9_french_revolution 
Bastille Day: Unintended Consequences : Discovery Newsyr9_french_revolution 
If Marie Antoinette had owned a personal helicopter, it might have looked like thisyr9_french_revolution 
Cameron planning three-day tribute to mark the centenary of World war One | Mail Onlinehn-ww1 
In 1913, a Utah newspaper reported that a giant mosquito robot would conquer AntarcticaTOK 
19th-Century Grave Torpedoesyr9_american_civil_war 
Why the guillotine was the first egalitarian execution methodyr9_french_revolution 
'Slut Walks' prove feminism is now irrelevant to most women's lives | Mail OnlineTOK 
NASA Infographics CreatorTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
Feudalism | sectional Societiesyr7_town_village 
Presentista - Presentations RemixedTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
Government minister voices regret for supporting Chilean dictatorhn-ib-pinochet 
Stalin: Hero image gives way to the dark dictatorib_russia_stalin 
Ernest Hemingway's 'muse' dies aged 91History in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Chile activists call for ban on Pinochet filmhn-ib-pinochet 
Chile: Pinochet Documentary Raises Questions About Dictator's True Legacyhn-ib-pinochet 
Syria is the Spanish Civil War of our TimeHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Abraham Lincoln assassination: Dr Charles Leale's long-lost medical report details his treatment after president was shot at Ford Theatre | Mail Onlinehn-yr9-americancivilwar 
Jeremiah McCall on Historical Problem Spaces | Teachinghistory.orgActiveHistory Ideas 
Historical Game Simulation ideasActiveHistory Ideas 
Special clinic offers leech therapy associated with Middle Ageshn-yr7-misc 
Cartoons about President Lincolnyr9_american_civil_war 
The Associated Press: Chileans suffer while waiting for education reformib_pinochet 
The Shock Doctrineib_pinochet ib_revision 
The Scale of the Universe 2 - great way of showing students the possibilities of a 'Prezi' approachTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
BBC News - Five ways to get into Oxfordoxbridge 
So who is good enough to get into Cambridge? | Education | The Guardianoxbridge 
How to Get Into Oxbridge: 11 steps - wikiHowoxbridge 
Cambridge official site for applicationsoxbridge 
Oxford Application procedure - official multimedia websiteoxbridge 
Oxbridge interviewsoxbridge 
Applying to Oxbridge - The Student Roomoxbridge 
Sun sets on the only museum dedicated to the British Empire because of the nation's dislike of colonial pasthn-yr9-eti 
jOrgChart - A jQuery OrgChart PluginActiveHistory Ideas 
CraftMap - jQuery plugin that converts a simple image into a functional map - jscraft.netActiveHistory Ideas 
Sessions for Schools: The case for the Trade - YouTubeyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Vladamir Lenin poisoned by Joseph Stalin?hn-ib-russia-to1924 
Fakebook: Abraham Lincolnct_fb_history 
Civil War Reenvisioned - Battlefield Art - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazinehn-yr9-americancivilwar 
The Stories We Think We See Are Not Always The Real Ones | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…tok 
Fakebook: Napoleon Bonapartect_fb_history 
Czechoslovak Secret Police photos - great cold war startergcse_cold_war 
Animated 3D Stereoscopic Civil War Photos, c.1861-1865 | Retronautyr9_american_civil_war 
Fakebook: Louis Pasteurct_fb_biology 
Fakebook: Edgar A. Poe. Create educational games and quizzes at classtools.netct_fb_english 
Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies | poster (RT @Richard_Wade)TOK 
ANIMOTOTop Tools: Digital Storytelling 
QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator from classtools.netTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
Fakebook from classtools.netTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
Xtranormal: Create an animated movie from your dialogue!inset2-av Top Tools: Digital Storytelling 
VoiceThread - Conversations in the cloudTop Tools: Digital Storytelling 
MindMeister - Mind Mapping - Create Mind Maps onlineTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
Museum Box HomepageTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
Popplet | Collect, curate and share your ideas, inspirations, and projects!Top Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
Wordle in the History ClassroomTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects - Create a new stripTop Tools: Digital Storytelling 
Google AlertsTop Tools: Productivity / Classroom Management 
Fakebook: The Industrial Revolutionyr9_indrev_causes ct_fb_history 
BBC - Schools - The Beauty of Mapsyr7_misc 
Using StoryBird to create real books and motivate studentsextended-essays Top Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
The Age of Dictatorship: Europe 1918-1989 - Stalin and his imitatorsib_online_lectures ib_russia_stalin 
The Age of Dictatorship: Europe 1918-1989 - Mussoliniib_online_lectures ib_mussolini 
The Age of Dictatorship: Europe 1918-1989 - Hitlerib_online_lectures 
The Age of Dictatorship: Europe 1918-1989 - The little dictatorsib_online_lectures 
Leadership and Change: Prime Ministers in the Post-War World - Anthony Edenib_online_lectures 
Planes and pacifism: Activities and attitudes of British mathematicians during WWIib_online_lectures 
Identity and integrity in Stalin\u2019s Russia: The case of Shostakovichib_online_lectures 
Hitler and the origins of the war, 1919-1939ib_online_lectures 
The History of British Cartoons and Caricatureib_online_lectures 
Twitter Search in Plain English - YouTubeinset-twitter 
The Alan Lomax Sound Archive Online: Features 17,000 Recordingsyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Lord reveals Pinochet role in Belgrano sinkinghn-ib-pinochet 
Timelines that are Easy to Make and UseTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
35 Cool Business Cards To Inspire You | Design Inspirationyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Basque child refugees meet for final reunion, 75 years after arrival in BritainHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Enigma's Spanish Civil War role (podcast)History in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Stalin school book cover sparks rowHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Photoshopped image of Russian Churchman (2012)ib_russia_stalin 
Why Some Civil War Soldiers Glowed in the Dark - Mental Flossyr9_american_civil_war 
Fantastic Starter Image for study of the Wall St. Crashgcse_1930s 
Soundtrack for a Revolution - Be the Changeyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
NumberPhile - Great youtube channel of Maths videosmaths 
Napoleon... the theme parkhn-yr9-frenchrev 
EbookDatabase - Free ebook search engineTop Tools: Productivity / Classroom Management 
Logical fallacies - brilliant for studies at IBTOK Tok 
Team WhiteBoarding with Twiddla - Painless Team Collaboration for the Webinset4-webware Top Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
Awesome Highlighter >> Highlight text on web pagesTop Tools: Productivity / Classroom Management 
DropBoxTop Tools: Productivity / Classroom Management 
NewsmapTop Tools: Productivity / Classroom Management 
The Museum of MeTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
Wallwisher Example - Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers by Nik Peacheyinset4-webware Top Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
FlipSnack | PDF to Flash page flip - flipping book software (e.g. for model essays, student newspapers)Top Tools: Digital Storytelling 
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BibliOdyssey: The Crimean Warib_russia_alex2 
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Common Core and historical thinking « History TechSourcework Skills 
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Wikispaces.comTop Tools: Productivity / Classroom Management 
PreziTop Tools: Presentations/Student Projects 
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Create text-to-speech podcast from RSS feed with Odiogo for iPod, MP3 player and mobile phoneinset4-webware inset2-av 
US Comic Book Propaganda, WWIIib_ww2 ib_induction 
Pope Benedict: communism no longer working in Cubahn-ib-misc 
Oh, My Hand: Complaints Medieval Monks Scribbled in the Margins of ManuscriptsMedieval Religion 
Soviet History - Primary Sourcesib_russia_misc 
Organize Your Thinking to Critically Analyze Textyr9_slavery_civil_rights Sourcework Skills 
Choose Your Own Adventure Videos | Teachinghistory.orginset2-av 
John Brown's Raidyr9_american_civil_war 
Books for Keepstarr_children 
Saints and Soldiersfilm_ww2 
Days of Gloryfilm_ww2 
The Other Boleyn Girlfilm_tudors film_1500-1750 film_england 
Shakespeare in Lovefilm_1500-1750 film_tudors film_england 
The Guns of Navaronefilm_ww2 
Hamburger Hillfilm_vietnam 
Tora! Tora! Tora!film_ww2 film_japan 
Winter in Wartimefilm_ww2 
The Eagle Has Landedfilm_ww2 
The Dirty Dozenfilm_ww2 
Kelly's Heroesfilm_ww2 
Fingerstyle Percussion Guitar Showcase with Jamie Roberts - YouTubeTAB 
Disappearing History, Reappearing Historytok 
Cliometrics in action - Dawes / Young Planstok 
David Starkey is a master of the past, not the present | Art and design | 
Weimar Germany Sourcebook (Google Books)gcse_weimar_germany 
Excellent primary sources on the Weimar Republicgcse_weimar_germany 
Excellent American Civil War Photographsyr9_american_civil_war 
The Pyramid of Capitalism, 1911 | Retronautib_russia_1917 
BBC News - 'Failure week' at top girls' school to build resiliencepedagogy 
Bobble head dolls of Abraham Lincoln's assassin pulled from Gettysburg gift shophn-yr9-americancivilwar 
Shell-shocked: trauma, the emotions and the First World War | Reviews in Historyextended-essays 
Key concepts in historical thinkingib_skills 
Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece may be hidden in Palazzo Vechio 'secret compartment' in Florencehn-yr8-renaissance 
A Map of American Slavery - Interactive Featureyr9_american_civil_war 
American Civil War - Fantastic interactive Maps, Timelines & Infographicsyr9_american_civil_war 
"Flight to Freedom" Interactive game about slavery in the Americasyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Interactive Battle Map of the American Civil Waryr9_american_civil_war 
Reconstruction after the American Civil War: Interactiveyr9_american_civil_war 
The iPad of 1935tok 
Top 10 Weirdest CIA Programsib_pinochet 
The World Will Be Wonderful In The Year 2000!TOK 
Abraham Lincoln: Portrait of a Crazy Badass | Cracked.comyr9_american_civil_war 
Pearl Harbor Interactive Map from National Geographicib_ww2 
Furious letter from former slave to his 'owner' during American Civil Waryr9_american_civil_war yr9_slavery_civil_rights 
The British Empire Debate | Reviews in Historyyr9_empire 
Critical thinking explained in six kid-friendly animationsTOK 
Perception: How We See - interesting presentationTOK 
Winston Churchill’s Life Pod, 1945 | Retronautib_induction 
Winston Churchill’s Life Pod, 1945 | Retronautyr9_ww2_homefront 
A Brief History of Photo Fakery - The New York TimesTOK for:istphysics ib_russia_stalin 
Arthur C. Clarke Presents the Colors of Infinity | Open Culturefor:Oliver_b for:ISTPhysics 
Pupils do better at school if teachers are not fixated on test results | Education | The Guardianpedagogy 
Top 10 Common Faults In Human Thoughtpedagogy TOK for:istphysics 
4000 Years of History in one Infographic (1931)tok 
Democratic Underground Forums - CIA responsible for Chilean Coupib_pinochet 
Transcription of key CIA documentsib_pinochet 
The CIA - overview of main accusations against itib_pinochet 
The Cia Makes Headlines | Freeing John Sinclairib_pinochet 
Summary of CIA documents' significanceib_pinochet 
CIA Withholds Its Chile Filesib_pinochet 
Chile Documentation Projectib_pinochet 
Chile, September 11, 1973: The Ingredients of a Military Coupib_pinochet 
CIA Activities in Chile — Central Intelligence Agencyib_pinochet 
The Chile Coup: The U.S. Handib_pinochet 
CIA rejects involvement in Chilean coupib_pinochet 
Chilean cinema in exile by Zuzana Pickib_pinochet 
Fleeing the Chilean Coup: The Debate Over U.S. Complicityib_pinochet 
Inside the Department of Dirty Tricksib_pinochet 
Petticoat Lane, 1903 | Retronautyr9_jack_the_ripper 
The War Bride (2001)film_ww2 film_england film_1940s 
Carrington (1995)film_england film_ww1 
From Time to Time (2009)film_england film_1940s film_1750-1900 
'We should never have liberated France'hn-ww2 
Frost\/Nixon (2008)film_1970s film_england 
The Candidate (1972)film_1970s 
W. (2008)film_2000s 
Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace (2000)film_1930s film_1940s 
The King's Speech (2010)film_1930s film_england 
Milk (2008)film_1970s | Bright ideasct_press 
Henry VIII: Man and MonarchThe Tudors 
Caribbean views: personal selections by Mike Phillipsyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
The Abolition of Slavery Projectyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Spanish Civil War seen as religious conflict, biographer saysib_scw 
Lenin: 'democratic, socialist and revolutionary'? Was Stalin his natural heir?ib_russia_misc ib_russia_revision 
Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon Cleared But Francoist Crime Investigations StallHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Visualizing Empires Decline: fantastic animated infographicyr9_empire 
The World War Three files: terrifyingly detailed plans for nuclear armageddonhn-coldwar 
Enigma (2001)film_ww2 film_england 
Fall of Eagles (TV mini-series 1974)film_1750-1900 film_ww1 
Goodnight, Mister Tom (TV 1998)film_ww2 film_england 
Atonement (2007)film_ww2 
M (1931)film_1930s 
Exodus (1960)film_middle-east film_1940s 
Lemon Tree (2008)film_middle-east film_2000s 
Lawrence of Arabia (1962)film_middle-east film_ww1 
Lady Jane (1986)film_1500-1750 film_england 
Kingdom of Heaven (2005)film_1000-1450 film_middle-east 
Kes (1969)film_england film_1970s 
Katyn (2007) - IMDbfilm_ww2 film_poland 
Joyeux Noel (2005)film_ww1 
Amazing Grace (2006)film_1750-1900 film_africa 
Bonnie and Clyde (1967) - IMDbfilm_1930s 
Born on the Fourth of July (1989)film_vietnam film_1970s 
Apocalypse Now (1979)film_vietnam 
Death in Gaza (2004)film_middle-east film_1990s 
Cromwell (1970)film_1500-1750 film_england 
All Quiet on the Western Front (TV 1979)film_ww1 
Celebrating Black History: 50 Cultural Giantsyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Fakebook: Lead (Pb). Create educational games and quizzes at classtools.netct_fb_chemistry 
Hotel Rwanda (2004)film_africa film_1980s 
Antonio Banderas to play Picasso in film '33 Dias'History in the News: Spanish Civil War 
English Civil War News Stories - great primary source analysisThe Stuarts 
Germany urged to end sex offender castrationHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Ice Cold in Alex (1958)film_ww2 
Hope and Glory (1987)film_ww2 film_england 
A Man for All Seasons (1966)film_1500-1750 
From Hell (2001)film_1750-1900 film_england 
Europa Europa (1990)film_ww2 
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)film_tudors film_1500-1750 film_england 
Elizabeth (1998)film_1500-1750 film_england film_tudors 
The Edelweiss Pirates (2004)film_1940s 
BBC - History - British History in depth: Gunpowder Plot GameThe Stuarts 
Rufus Buck's Anti-Black History Month History Lessonyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Brief Encounter (1945)film_ww2 film_england film_1940s 
Braveheart (1995)film_1000-1450 
Becket (1964)film_1000-1450 film_england 
Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)film_1500-1750 film_england 
All the President's Men (1976)film_1970s 
Jack the Ripper - London Times' Newspaper Articlesyr9_jack_the_ripper 
Street Life in London, 1876 | Retronautyr9_eti yr9_jack_the_ripper 
Vintage Ministry of Food posters - Telegraphyr9_ww2_homefront 
API for film databaseActiveHistory Ideas 
Film databaseActiveHistory Ideas 
Aces High (1976)film_ww1 
David Brooks on the Dangerous Division Between Reason and Emotion, Animatedtok 
How atheist Richard Dawkins' family fortune came from the slave tradeHistory in the News: The Slave Trade 
Get Garzon!History in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Franco's eyebrows on sale at Spanish art fairHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
The German: Great 10m video for WW2 (RT @johnmayo)yr9_ww2_homefront ib_induction 
Is the internet good for democracy? (ICT Jigsaw)ct_jigsaw 
Why China's Political Model Is Superiortok 
Q-Notes: Note-taking strategyessay-skills note-skills 
Proof That Hitler Had An Illegitimate Son?History in the News: Nazi Germany 
The KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON campaign e-petitionhn-ww2 
Mead set to make a comeback after hundreds of yearsHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
A century on, Bayeux tapestry 'vandal' is clearedHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
BBC News - Medieval artefacts hidden in church’s secret roomHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
The Middle Ages in colour (BBC Video News)History News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
Medieval diet aids healthy eating messageHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
Unlocking the Archives: Images of Empireyr9_indrev_causes 
A Short History of the Modern Calendar (Video)yr7_calendars 
Essay Writing Advice from Cambridge University Students' Unionessay-skills 
Spain's Judge Baltasar Garzon convicted for wiretappingHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
The End of History? - What Is A Revolution?yr9_revolutions 
How to Start a Revolution: 10 stepsyr9_revolutions 
BBC News - How revolutions happen: Patterns from Iran to Egyptyr9_revolutions 
Florence Green: Last surviving World War One veteran dies just before her 111th birthdayhn-ww1 
Portraits & Portraiture: Resources and Activities for primaryThe Tudors 
Henry the Great: Image or Reality?The Tudors 
Tsar Nicholas II’s Train, 1902 | Retronautib_russia_nick2 
Civil War Music - Primary Source Set - For Teachers (Library of Congress)yr9_american_civil_war 
Primary Source Sets | For Teachers - Library of Congressprimary-sources 
BBC - h2g2 - The Sokal AffairTOK 
The Low-Down: Low IQ Linked to Prejudice, Racism and Conservative Beliefs in Intelligence StudyTOK 
Letter from freed slave to former master draws attentionHistory in the News: The Slave Trade 
Google Map diagram of Pilgrimage Routesyr7_pilgrimage 
Online games at school and on holiday – how to keep students ticking over till next term | Classroom innovation | 
Review of – Create your own video game tutorials for FREEct_press 
Tech Tips for Teachers: ClassTools.netct_press 
Non-reflective. Playful! - ateacherswonderings's posterousct_press 
Home | I Can Teachct_press - In 30 secondsct_press 
Plagiarism Checker - Paste an essay in, get the results immediatelyessay-skills 
Fakebook connects students with Greek godsct_press 
Decolonisation in British Africa | History Todayee_oli 
Archaeologist discovers two sunken World War freighters containing bullion worth £162MILLIONhn-ww2 
Historical Essay: Decolonizationee_oli 
Decolonization of the British Empire after the Second World Waree_oli 
Review of 'Decolonisation and the British Empire'ee_oli 
Decolonisation and the Impact of WW2ee_oli 
Decolonisation - books to search foree_oli 
The slave who spoke from beyond the graveHistory in the News: The Slave Trade 
The 16 Best Science Visualizations of 2011tarr_children 
The Black DeathThe Black Death 
Black Death: The Effect of the Plague - Lost VillagesThe Black Death 
Maps of the Seven Deadly Sins | FlowingDataMedieval Religion 
Teacher's Guides and Sourcework Analysis ToolsSourcework Skills 
Document analysis, historical thinking skills #historyteacherSourcework Skills 
Teaching Difficult Subjects Using Primary Sources #historyteacherSourcework Skills 
Reading in the History Classroom #historyteacherReading Skills 
Student Self-Assessment: A Sample Assignmentpedagogy 
Spain grants citizenship to Canadian veteran of the Spanish Civil WarHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Josef Stalin's grandson loses legal attempt at rehabilitating Soviet dictator's reputationHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Stalin-era mass grave yields tonnes of bonesHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Did Britain try to assassinate Lenin?hn-coldwar hn-ib-russia-to1924 
Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio wants to play role of Joseph StalinHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Stalin's daughter who defected to US dies at 85History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Smories - new stories for children, read by childrentarr_children 
Last Spanish Civil War Veteran has died at 93History in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Madrid strips Franco of honorary titlesHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
The Picasso that's been in the wars: A history of 'Guernica' #historyteacherHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
General Franco's ghosts haunt Spain 70 years after civil war endedHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Spanish judge to investigate human rights abuses of Spanish Civil WarHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Capa Spanish Civil War Photo Likely Staged, say ResearchersHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Lorca's skeleton speaks of a new SpainHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Spain's Basque separatists Eta call 'permanent truce'History in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Franco's face and name erased from public view in SpainHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Tables Are Turned On Crusading Spanish Judge #historynews #newsHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
SPLAT the Stalinist (Interactive game) #historyteacher #sschatib_russia_stalin 
Famed Football Rivalry Reveals Historical DivideHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Write This Down: Note-Taking Strategies for Academic Successessay-skills 
Build your own Bayeux TapestryThe Norman Conquest 
Tsar Alexander II's assassination (BBC Podcast) #historyteacherib_russia_alex2 
Relics of the Soviet era remain in Russia #historyteacherhn-ib-russia-to1924 
Spanish judge known for human rights stance on trial for probing civil war atrocities #news #historyteacherHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Scratch | Home | imagine, program, sharefor:richardneiljones 
Colourised historic photographs by Sanna Dullaway #historyteachertok 
Famous Photographers And Their Most Iconic Images #historyteachertok 
Why World War I Resonates #historyteacher #newshn-ww1 
France adopts Armenian law making it illegal to deny WW1 Turkish genocide #historyteacher #newshn-ww1 
Argument Mapping Tutorialstok TOK 
Critical ThinkingTOK 
Icebreaking ActivitiesTOK for:istphysics 
picturing the thirtiesgcse_depression ActiveHistory Ideas 
Times Good University Guide 2012 | World Ranking Guidehistory-at-university 
Yes Minister - Quotes from the episodesTOK 
Leon Trotsky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediatest9 
ubroadcast™radio "stuff" 
BBC - Archive - BBC Archive Collectionsradio "stuff" 
Six-year project to tweet the Second World War #historyteacher #sschathn-ww2 
Democracy or Revolution in Spain? (1937 Pamphlet)ib_scw_course 
Knights Templar 'Heirs' Sue Pope For Billionshn-yr8-religion 
17th century urine-filled 'witch bottle' foundhn-yr8-religion 
University guide | University league tables for 2012 | Education | 
Medieval Realms - Great pictures and summaries from the British Library, organised by themeMedieval Religion yr7_town_village yr7_misc 
Making of the UKYear 8 - Miscellaneous 
Trading Placesyr9_misc 
Countdown Maths Challengemaths 
*Pathways to Philosophy Essay ArchiveTOK 
Independent Thinkingpedagogy 
Top 100 Education Blogs | OEDbpedagogy 
*Philosophy Online - Games and Interactive ActivitiesTOK 
The ICT-Centric Schoolpedagogy 
Hacking Knowledge: 77 Ways to Learn Faster, Deeper, and Better | OEDbpedagogy 
YouTube - Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Usfor:richardneiljones 
TED: Inspired Video talks by the world's greatest thinkers and doerspedagogy for:Oliver_b 
Alite - Accelerated Learning in Training and Educationpedagogy 
Online Spreadsheets - EditGridmaths 
Your Amazing Brainpedagogy 
Maps of War - Mapsyr9_middle_east yr9_misc 
Construct your own Bayeux Tapestry - Fantastic Flash Application, great for a homework!The Norman Conquest 
Exhibits & Learning - Institute and Museum of the History of ScienceYear 8 - Miscellaneous 
Turning the Pages: the British Library's 3D version of the Luttrell Psalteryr7_town_village 
Garr Reynolds/Presentationspedagogy for:creativeict for:learnit for:practicalclassroomstuff 
ubroadcast™radio "stuff" 
Mindjotfor:creativeict for:dajbelshaw for:olliebray 
Stage.FM - Good music without the big labelradio "stuff" ! / The new online music player !radio "stuff" 
Blogmusik | Music on demand, free music without download!radio "stuff" - Spotting Bias in the Mediapedagogy for:dajbelshaw 
Interactive Exercises, Games, and Puzzlesmaths 
Games for the Brainpedagogy 
Theme and Topic-Based Learningpedagogy 
How to stifle your creativity in 10 easy steps - lifehack.orgpedagogy 
Wikis, Forums, Social Networking...Comparing different methodspedagogy 
Using in Educationpedagogy 
Role-Play: A Strategy for Teaching Social Studiespedagogy 
Simulations, Games, and Learning | EDUCAUSE CONNECTpedagogy 
Let's Write a Newspaper Story!pedagogy 
The Socratic Methodpedagogy 
Make your own Mugshot with this Flash Applicationyr9_jack_the_ripper 
RSS Ideas for Educators11.pdf (application/pdf Object)pedagogy 
Science Videos Search Enginefor:davidfaure 
Paul Arendt: Berliners queue up for a glimpse of life behind the Wall | | Guardian Unlimited Artsfor:taylor_r 
Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall - Anna Funder - Review - Big Brother's watching youfor:taylor_r 
Untitled Documentfor:emmaray 
JSTOR: The American Historical Review: Vol. 96, No. 2 (Apr., 1991), pp. 456-471for:emmaray 
Co-Ordinates - Flash Gamemaths 
The National Archives | Exhibitions & Learning online | Black presenceyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Heraldry - WikipediaHeraldry 
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre - Paper Cutouts by PaperToys.comYear 8 - Miscellaneous 
Neuschwanstein Castle - Paper Model to cutoutCastles 
Build a Medieval Castle: Paper CutoutsCastles 
Cut out Norman HelmetThe Norman Conquest 
Games Are Good For Learning...But Not Just Because They Are Gamespedagogy 
Was I Right Or Wrong Tab by Lynyrd Skynyrd @ Ultimate-Guitar.ComTAB 
Magnifying Glass over ImagesActiveHistory Ideas 
amCharts: customizable flash Pie & Donut chartActiveHistory Ideas 
The Radical Reformation: Resourcesalevel_luther 
frontline: apocalypse!: apocalypticism explained: thomas muentzeralevel_luther 
Reformation in Crisisalevel_luther 
Theologian nails 95 theses for a new Reformation - news from ekklesia | Ekklesiaalevel_luther 
Virtual Piano Keyboardfor:jrpalmer 
WikiMindMap: Which Wikipedia pages are connected to your key topic?pedagogy 
Teenage Radio Diariesradio "stuff" 
TATE ETC. issue 8 - Messages from a Masteralevel_luther 
EyeStride - Tour the Worldfor:geographyalltheway 
History of the Christian Church, Volume VII. Modern Christianity. The German Reformation. | Christian Classics Ethereal Libraryalevel_luther 
Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching and Technologypedagogy 
Audacity Tutorial for Podcastersfor:jrpalmer 
no loss for wordspedagogy 
Instructables - How to make cool DIY projectsfor:billy_mc 
Lives of the Saints - Could be a good research project for Year 7 History studentsMedieval Religion 
Pop!Casts - Inspirational Education Video Podcastspedagogy for:davidfaure for:geographyalltheway for:jrpalmer for:richardneiljones 
Shape of Song--Imagesfor:jrpalmer 
School Matters - Thinking Skills: Brain-Based Approaches | Teachers TVpedagogy 
Useful Photosalevel_luther 
MALCOLM X: Our History was Destroyed During Slavery on Technoratiyr9_misc 
Fidg't: Data Visualisation based on your social networkfor:ewan.mcintosh for:jaemaree 
Rate Your Studentspedagogy 
KnowledgeWorks - Map of Future Forces Affecting Education - Education Mappedagogy network explorer!for:ewan.mcintosh 
Essays on Children and Educationspedagogy 
Swivel - Upload, compare and share data visuallymaths 
searchCrystal - Home
TeamTreks: The Adventure of TeamworkActiveHistory Ideas 
The Industrial Revolutionyr9_misc yr9_indrev_causes 
European Route of Industrial Heritageyr9_indrev_causes 
Ironbridge Halfpennyyr9_indrev_causes 
Triangular trade - A Teaching Resource for KS3yr9_slavery_civil_rights 
YouTube - Hitler get band from microsoft livefor:emmaray for:richardneiljones 
YouTube - The BeatleBox - Apple vs. Applefor:richardneiljones 
YouTube - Look Around You - 3 - Germsfor:davidfaure 
YouTube - Look Around You - Synthesizer Patelfor:jrpalmer 
BBC - History - The Iron Bridge - How was it Built?yr9_indrev_causes 
Ironbridge Gorge Museum - The Iron Bridgeyr9_indrev_causes 
Fathom :: The Source for Online Learningyr9_indrev_causes 
halfpenny.gif (GIF Image, 280x280 pixels)yr9_indrev_causes 
Ironbridge Gorge Museum - Sweat & Toilyr9_indrev_causes 
Beatles "Across the universe" Guitar tabstab 
Beatles "Blackbird" Guitar tabstab 
Beatles "Girl" Guitar chordstab 
Beatles "I feel fine" Guitar tabstab 
Beatles "I should have known better" Guitar chordstab 
Beatles "Julia" Guitar tabstab 
Digital Frog Internationalfor:davidfaure 
Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry - Interactive Animationsfor:davidfaure 
Google LatLong: San Diego Fire Mapfor:geographyalltheway 
The Complete Guide to Free Music Online (Legal Edition)for:jrpalmer 
Book Review - The Reformation: A History, by Diarmaid MacCullochalevel_luther 
Applying Bloom's Taxonomypedagogy 
Results of the IHR website searchalevel_luther 
Protestant Revolution: rival religions of princes and peasants|15Sep07|Socialist Workeralevel_luther 
Was there a Reformation in the sixteenth century? - SISalevel_luther 
Imperial Cities and the Reformation: Three Essays: Books: Bernd Moeller,H. C. Erik Midelfort,Mark U. Edwardsalevel_luther 
Protestant Reformation in German Historiographyalevel_luther 
Woodcut representing the HREalevel_luther 
Matthias Flacius and the Survival of Luther's Reformalevel_luther 
Reformation Thought: An Introduction - Google Book Searchalevel_luther 
The European Reformations - Google Book Searchalevel_luther 
Understanding Slaveryyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
nfpSynergy - Press Coverageyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
plan interactif de CarcassonneThe Cathars 
Carcassonne - Town Hall and Tourist Office Web Site - : St. Nazarius' BasilicaThe Cathars 
The City of CarcassonneThe Cathars 
Welcome to CarcassonneThe Cathars 
Carcassonne at a glance!The Cathars 
Siege of 1240: Primary Source AccountThe Cathars 
Epistolæ: Medieval Women's Lettersextended-essays 
Shapes of Time - using TALMOS Gateway: Spanish Civil Warib_spanishCW_causes 
CD Rom: Jack the Ripperyr9_jack_the_ripper 
The National Archives Learning Curve: Jack the Ripperyr9_jack_the_ripper 
Jack the Ripper, the most famous serial killer of all time - The Crime libraryyr9_jack_the_ripper 
Full case coverage of Jack the Ripper, the most famous serial killer of all time - The Crime libraryyr9_jack_the_ripper 
The Russian Revolution and the Postmodern Challengefor:nachohernando 
Jack the Ripper As the Threat of Outcast London. Robert F. Haggardextended-essays for:lauraklitsch 
Andrew Mearns, "The Bitter Cry of Outcast London" (1883)extended-essays for:lauraklitsch 
Mozart: Download the lot in mp3 for free!for:jrpalmer 
Excerpts from a Nazi Biology Textbook (1942)for:davidfaure 
Excerpts from a Nazi Geography Textbook (1943)for:geographyalltheway 
thesixtyone - a music adventurefor:jrpalmer 
Interesting Text Animation feature in DHTMLActiveHistory Ideas for:geographyalltheway 
YouTube - Medieval helpdesk with English subtitlesfor:richardneiljones 
Harvard Author-Date Referencing Toolessay-skills for:creativeict for:ewan.mcintosh for:kurastan90 for:learnit for:magik693 for:practicalclassroomstuff for:richardneiljones 
Chris Puncher's heraldry drawing softwareHeraldry 
equimap2.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200x840 pixels)yr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Maps - Yahoo! Galleryfor:geographyalltheway 
dbcinema 0.50for:creativeict for:ewan.mcintosh for:geographyalltheway 
Multibox Supports Images, Flash, Video, MP3 and HTML by WebAppersfor:ewan.mcintosh for:geographyalltheway for:learnit for:magik693 
Tom Lehrer's "The Elements". A Flash animation by Mike Stanfill, Private Handfor:davidfaure 
Walt Disney Treasures: Walt Disney on the Front Lines DVD Review - Page 1 of 2gcse_ww2 
Slavery Image Searchyr9_slavery_civil_rights yr9_indrev_causes Black Gold [2007]: DVD: Nick Francis and Mark Francisfor:geographyalltheway 
Free Music from Royalty Free Musicfor:jrpalmer 
Freedom - A KS3 History resource about Britain and the Transatlantic Slave Tradeyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Small Island Read 2007: Abolitionyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
How Sticky Is Membership on Facebook? Just Try Breaking Free - New York Timesfor:richardneiljones Killer Web Content: Make the Sale, Deliver the Service, Build the Brand: Books: Gerry McGovernfor:geographyalltheway 
Some A-level and GCSE subjects 'need more work than others'for:davidfaure for:geographyalltheway 
The war that won't die | Features | Filmib_spanishCW_causes 
Flash Timeline Creatorfor:creativeict 
The Spanish Civil War - Typically Spanish Features on Spainib_spanishCW_causes 
TouchGraph | Homefor:geographyalltheway 
Shapes of Time - using TALMOS Gateway: Guernicaib_spanishCW_causes 
spainish civil warib_scw 
Bookwatch: Civil War and revolution in Spainib_spanishCW_causes 
Looking Back on the Spanish Civil War by George Orwellib_spanishCW_causes 
The struggle to end slavery. A timeline. Durham University Libraryyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Anarchism in the Spanish Revolution of 1936 - Spanish Civil Warib_spanishCW_causes 
The Visual Front - Posters of the Spanish Civil Warib_spanishCW_causes 
Summary of Major Campaigns and Offensivesib_spanishCW_causes 
Campaign for Abolitionyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
COLOURlovers :: Color Trends + PalettesActiveHistory Ideas 
History News Networkyr9_slavery_civil_rights - Free video tutorials by Lee Brimelow on the Flash Platformfor:richardneiljones 
Amberjack: Site Tour Creator - Simple. Free. Open Source.ActiveHistory Ideas 
Hermitech Laboratory - Formulator Tarsiamaths 
Flash Countdown Timer for Interactive Whiteboardsfor:creativeict for:edtechroundup for:geographyalltheway for:iwb.user for:kurastan90 for:learnit for:olliebray for:practicalclassroomstuff for:wfryer 
BBC NEWS | Special Reports | Israel and the Palestiniansyr9_middle_east 
Arab-Israeli conflict - Basic factsyr9_middle_east 
Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Primer - Table of COntentsyr9_middle_east 
Kickass Classical - The Most Popular Classical Musicfor:jrpalmer 
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Advanced RSS Ticker (Ajax invocation)ActiveHistory Ideas 
Form field tooltipActiveHistory Ideas 
DHTML form validationActiveHistory Ideas 
A library of DHTML and Ajax scripts - DHTMLgoodies.comfor:geographyalltheway 
Sortable table with fixed headerActiveHistory Ideas 
Demo 1: Drag and dropfor:geographyalltheway 
Unobtrusive sortable table scriptActiveHistory Ideas 
Alternative to Popup Windows / Questions in DIV tags in middle of gamesActiveHistory Ideas 
Rounded cornersActiveHistory Ideas 
Pulldown contentActiveHistory Ideas 
YouTube - The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire/Piers Brendonfor:jackj2468 
Nikolai Baibakov: Stalin's oil commissar - Obituaries, News - The IndependentHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
The Middle East - Information - Mapsyr9_middle_east 
Letters: We're not celebrating Israel's anniversary | World news | The GuardianIB History News: The Middle East 
Austria: Josef Fritzl blames Nazis for behaviour - TelegraphHistory in the News: Nazi Germany - Italian Quizct_quiz 
ICT: Why use the Internet in Your Classroom?ct_diamond9 
English Lit: Of Mice and Menct_quiz 
GCSE History: The Cold Warct_quiz 
Spanish: Conjugationsct_quiz 
Politics: The US Constitutionct_quiz 
Business Studies: Employment Structuresct_quiz 
Geography: Hjulstrom Curvect_priority 
Maths: Addition and Subtractionct_quiz 
German: Prepositionsct_dustbin 
Geography: The Water Cyclect_quiz 
CPD: The Stages of a Lessonct_diamond9 
Geography: Locations of Settlementsct_diamond9 
English Lit: Quotes from Poemsct_quiz 
German: Casesct_dustbin 
French: Placesct_quiz 
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Issues in a Nutshellyr9_middle_east 
ISRAEL IS NOT A GUEST OF HONOUR! FREE PALESTINE! Israel's 60th Birthdayyr9_middle_east 
The Origin of English Place Names [4]yr7_language 
The Origin of English Place Names [3]yr7_language 
The Origin of English Place Names [2]yr7_language 
The Origin of English Place Namesyr7_language 
The Origin of English Surnamesyr7_language 
German War Guilt and the Jewish State - WSJ.comIB History News: The Middle East 
Sport: Safe Cyclingct_postit 
History: Causes of WW2ct_timeline ct_history 
History: Causes of WW2ct_timeline ct_history 
Italian: How do we form the past tense in Italian?ct_fishbone 
ICT: The Digital Revolution 1940-2007ct_timeline ct_ict 
CPD: Staff Inset: What do we want children to be at 18?ct_diamond9 
Music: Types of Instrumentsct_dustbin 
History Timeline: Russia 1917-1951ct_timeline 
CPD: First Aid Prioritiesct_priority 
Spanish Dustbin Game: Essential Vocabularyct_dustbin ct_spanish 
PSHE: Safe Partyingct_diamond9 
PSHE: My most marketable qualitiesct_diamond9 
PSHE: Self-Esteem - What makes you feel good about yourself?ct_diamond9 
History: Who was most responsible for World War Two?ct_priority 
French: Essential Vocab (77 Questions)ct_quiz 
History: Gaza Strip Case Studyct_postit 
History: Causes of the Russian Revolutonct_diamond9 ct_history 
Drama: Why Study Drama?ct_diamond9 
History: Causes of the Albigensian Crusadect_diamond9 
History: Causes for Henry VIII's Break with Romect_diamond9 
History: Why were people so afraid of witches?ct_fishbone 
History: Who caused the English Civil War?ct_burger 
Business Studies: Comparing three theme parksct_venn 
History: Why did the Medieval Church have so much power?ct_fishbone 
Tribute to Nazis’ Gay VictimsHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Northern Ireland | Ireland to mark famine disasterhn-yr9-eti 
Rethinking Churchill and the Allied warmongersHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
English Language: Spelling Listct_priority 
History: How did the Nazis Rule Germany?ct_fishbone ct_history 
ICT: Impact of ICT on Quality of Student Learningct_fishbone ct_ict 
Economics: What are the various types of externalities?ct_fishbone ct_biz 
History: Marxist Theory of Powerct_history ct_postit 
CPD: Gender Differences in Educationct_fishbone ct_cpd 
RE: Comparison of 3 Religionsct_venn ct_religion 
History: Henry VII's Break with Romect_livinggraph ct_history 
CPD: What factors best engage students in learning?ct_priority ct_cpd 
Google Patentsyr9_indrev_causes 
Imperial History of the Middle Eastyr9_middle_east 
Maths: Part 2 Techniquesct_venn ct_maths 
Ancient History: Comparison of 3 Ancient Civilisationsct_venn ct_history 
History: Stalin's motives for industrialisation and collectivisationct_diamond9 ct_history 
Social Studies: Common Issues Faced By Latinos, Asians, and Native Americansct_venn ct_social_studies 
History: A Medieval View of Heaven and Hellct_postit ct_history 
History: Why did William win the Battle of Hastings?ct_burger ct_history 
History: How successful was Lenin as leader of Russia?ct_burger ct_history 
History: Consequences of World War Onect_target ct_history 
English Literature: Robinson Crusoect_target ct_english 
Biology: Anatomy of the Earct_postit ct_biology 
Geography: What is poverty?ct_geography ct_postit 
Geography: The Demographic Transition Modelct_geography ct_postit 
Geography Dustbin Game: Erosion and Depositionct_geography ct_dustbin 
Spanish Dustbin Game: Tensesct_dustbin ct_spanish 
History: What factors contributed to German Nationalism before 1850?ct_livinggraph ct_history 
Geography Venn: What is Geography?ct_geography ct_venn 
Biology Venn: Dogs, Lizards, Humansct_venn ct_biology 
History Jigsaw: The life of Leni Riefenstahlct_jigsaw ct_history 
History Jigsaw: Causes of the industrial revolutionct_jigsaw ct_history 
History Lights Out: The Tudor Portrait Mysteryct_lights_out ct_history 
Israel's Story in Mapsyr9_middle_east 
HISTORY: The State of Israelyr9_middle_east 
English Literature Venn: Characterisationct_venn ct_english 
History Diamond 9: Causes of World War One (by Mr. Moorhouse)ct_history ct_diamond9 
Ideas and Trends - Appeasement’s Taint Is All in Hindsight - NYTimes.comHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
History / Biology Diamond 9: How Science and Technology Improved Medicinect_diamond9 ct_biology ct_history 
Geography Fishbone: Impact of farming on ecosystemsct_geography ct_fishbone 
English Language Quiz: Vocabulary Test (94 questions)ct_quiz ct_english 
Geography Diamond9: Evaluating Sustainable Tourism - What is important?ct_diamond9 ct_geography / A showroom of nice looking simple downloadable DHTML and AJAX scriptsActiveHistory Ideas for:geographyalltheway 
Maths dustbin game: Types of angles or angle pairsct_dustbin ct_maths 
Geography / Sport Diamond 9: How sustainable are the 2012 Olympics?ct_geography ct_sport ct_diamond9 
Why Israel needs a security fenceyr9_middle_east 
Animated Timeline of the Middle East Conflictyr9_middle_east 
History & Geography of Israel & Palestine. Also... Zionism, Refugees, PLO, Terrorism, Arab-Israeli Conflictyr9_middle_east 
English Literature Timeline: The life of Harper Leect_timeline ct_english 
History Diamond 9: Why was King Charles I executed?ct_diamond9 ct_history 
Biology PostIt: Label the parts of the insectct_biology ct_postit 
Medieval History Overviewyr7_misc 
History PostIt: A Medieval Picture of Hell [1]ct_postit ct_history 
History Dustbin Game: New Frontier Policiesct_dustbin ct_history 
Timeline of the Middle Ages - Wikipediayr7_misc 
World History Medieval Timelineyr7_misc 
Geography Dustbin: UK Weather Systemsct_geography ct_dustbin 
Biology PostIt: Pulse Pointsct_postit ct_biology 
History Target: Causes of the English Civil Wars (by Mr. Moorhouse)ct_target ct_history 
History Burger: Did people game from the Empire? (by Mr. Moorhouse)ct_burger ct_history 
History PostIt: The British Empire in 1897ct_postit ct_history 
History Dustbin Game: The Reign of Elizabethct_history ct_dustbin 
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israel buries victims of shootingIB History News: The Middle East 
Biased Israeli Statisticsyr9_middle_east 
Religious Education Diamond9: Churchesct_diamond9 ct_religion 
PSHE Diamond9: To be the best we can be we all need...ct_diamond9 ct_pshce 
Review Criticizes Textbooks' Take on Middle East, IslamIB History News: The Middle East 
Bury Lenin's body, says Gorbachevhn-ib-russia-to1924 
PSHE Diamond9: What makes a happy and healthy lifestyle?ct_diamond9 ct_pshce 
CPD Fishbone: Types of Learning Stylesct_fishbone ct_cpd 
History Venn: Causes of the Armada (Eleanor Mason, International School of Toulouse)ct_history ct_venn 
History Diamond9: Causes of the Peasants' Revoltct_history ct_diamond9 
Freeplay Music, Broadcast Production Music Library, Free and Mp3 Music Downloads, See Usage Terms.for:jrpalmer 
Flash Slideshow Maker - from your photosfor:geographyalltheway 
MAKE: Blog: Beats from a barcodefor:jrpalmer for:richardneiljones 
Being Averagepedagogy 
Europe's last executed witch to be cleared - Telegraphhn-yr8-religion 
CPD Venn: Adair Action-Centred Leadership Modelct_cpd ct_venn 
English Literature Timeline: Romeo and Julietct_english ct_timeline 
History Timeline: King James VI and Ict_timeline ct_history 
OpenSpace: Isometric Engine for multiplayer virtual worlds and MMOsActiveHistory Ideas 
Course: IB Historyib-history 
Geography Diamond9: Causes for the growing populationct_diamond9 ct_geography 
History Diamond9: Slave Resistancect_diamond9 ct_history 
Business Studies Diamond9: The process of appointing staffct_diamond9 ct_biz 
Geography Diamond9: Consequences of Climate Changect_diamond9 ct_geography 
English Literature Fishbone: Hamletct_fishbone ct_english 
History Burger: Who caused the English Civil War?ct_burger ct_history 
History Timeline: Galileo Galileict_timeline ct_history 
French Quiz: All the GCSE Infinitives (273 Questions)ct_quiz ct_french 
Geography Diamond9: Consequences of Climate Changect_diamond9 ct_geography 
History Diamond9: Causes of the Peasants' Revoltct_diamond9 ct_history 
History Diamond9: Why was the Triangular Trade not stopped until 1833?ct_diamond9 ct_history 
Science Timeline: Evolution of the Earthct_history ct_timeline 
English Literature Burger: What makes Beowulf a hero?ct_burger ct_english 
Hitler and Spain: The Nazi Role in ... - Google Book Searchib_scw 
Germany and the Spanish Civil Warib_scw 
Nazi Germany and the Spanish Civil Warib_scw 
Amazon Online Reader : Hitler and Spain: The Nazi Role in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939ib_scw 
Janus: the University of Maryland Undergraduate History Journalextended-essays 
The Spanish Civil War: An Overview--by Cary Nelsonib_scw 
Foreign Intervention in the Spanish Civil War - Sidebar - MSN Encartaib_scw 
The Visual Front - Posters of the Spanish Civil Warib_scw 
The Visual Front - Posters of the Spanish Civil Warib_scw 
The Visual Front - Posters of the Spanish Civil Warib_scw 
The Visual Front - Posters of the Spanish Civil Warib_scw 
Germany pamphlet - 1938 - on Spanish Civil Warib_scw 
History Fishbone: What caused the Boston Tea Party?ct_history ct_fishbone 
Ukraine to investigate whether devastating 1932-33 Soviet-era famine was genocide - International Herald TribuneHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Melody Gardot [dot} comfor:jrpalmer 
German Geneticists Condemn Nazi Eugenics Program | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 15.07.2008History in the News: Nazi Germany 
BBC NEWS | Americas | SS doctor 'still alive in Chile'History in the News: Nazi Germany 
Stalin and Last Tsar in Neck-and-Neck Racehn-ib-russia-to1924 History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
History Dustbin: the American Westct_dustbin 
Tens of Thousands March 90 Years After Tsar's Deathhn-ib-russia-to1924 
Biology Venn: Linking the Body Systemsct_venn ct_biology 
ICT Priority Chart: The Six Major Tests to Computer Assemblyct_ict ct_priority 
Business Studies Diamond9: The Process of Appointing Staffct_diamond9 ct_biz 
CPD Venn: Meeting Children's Needsct_venn ct_cpd 
English Language Diamond9: Achieving the best results at GCSEct_diamond9 ct_english 
Physics Fishbone: Forcesct_physics ct_fishbone 
CPD Venn: Meeting Children's Needsct_venn ct_cpd 
Elvis lives: in 2,000-year-old carvingYr7 History News: Roman Empire 
Catholics given chance at shorter stay in Purgatoryhn-yr8-religion 
History Diamond9: German involvement in the Spanish Civil Warct_diamond9 ct_history 
Extended Essays - Samplesextended-essays 
Extended Essay Suggestionsextended-essays 
Extended Essay - IST Samplesextended-essays 
Alexander Solzhenitsyn dies at 89History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Exploration through the Agesyr7_misc 
Jay Mathews - Five Ways to Motivate Students - washingtonpost.compedagogy 
Are historians live David Cannadine and Andrew Roberts an endangered species? - Times Onlinehn-ib-misc 
History Diamond 9: Causes of the Russian Revolutionct_diamond9 ct_history 
The Great War - Coursegcse_ww1_course ib_ww1_course 
GCSE History: The Peace Treaties After WW1gcse_peace_treaties 
GCSE History: International Relations, 1919-29gcse_1920s 
GCSE History: The Wall St. Crashgcse_depression 
GCSE History: International Relations, 1929-39gcse_1930s 
GCSE History: Weimar Germanygcse_weimar_germany 
GCSE History: Nazi Germanygcse_nazi_germany 
The Cold War / Korean Wargcse_cold_war 
GCSE History: Britain 1906-1918gcse_british_depth_study 
Russia and Georgia move to brink of warhn-ib-russia-to1924 
The TudorsThe Tudors 
The StuartsThe Stuarts 
The RenaissanceThe Renaissance 
The French Revolutionyr9_french_revolution 
The Era of World War Twoyr9_ww2_homefront 
Spanish Civil War - Causesib_spanishCW_causes 
Tsar Nicholas II and the Russian Revolutions of 1917ib_russia_revolution ib_russia_nick2 
Lenin's Russia, 1918-1924ib_russia_lenin 
Khrushchev and Brezhnevib_russia_poststalin 
Historiography LecturesTOK 
Why is Stalin still popular in Russia, despite the brutality of his regime?History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Widgetbox › XSPF Music Player WidgetActiveHistory Ideas 
Technophilia: Fifteen Power Tweaksradio "stuff" 
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers at Salle des Fêtes (Plaisance-du-Touch) on 21 Oct 2008 – Last.fmfor:jrpalmer 
Most Famous Men on One Photoib-history 
How Do I Play My iTunes Music Around the House Easily? :: My First Mac - Help Buying and Getting Started with Your New Macradio "stuff" Harman Kardon Soundsticks II: Electronics & Photoradio "stuff" 
French Revolution resources - Role Playyr9_french_revolution 
ETI in Franceyr9_indrev_causes 
Germany marks 47th anniversary of Berlin Wallhn-coldwar 
Marie Antoinette - Official Siteyr9_french_revolution 
Marie Antoinette | PBSyr9_french_revolution 
Debris Chords by Ronnie Lane @ Ultimate-Guitar.Comtab 
The Periodic Table of Videosfor:davidfaure 
The Human Clock® - A Clock Photo for Every Minute of the Dayfor:geographyalltheway 
Tell Me Why guitar tab by Neil Young @ XGuitar.comtab 
'Don't forget Czechoslovakia' - Anniversary of the Prague Springhn-coldwar 
Olympic-sized Roman villa discovered in BritainYr7 History News: Roman Empire 
Vandals attack Berlin monument to gay victims of NazisHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Crisis in Georgia: History repeating itselfhn-ib-russia-to1924 History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Blood Red Shoes at Le Ramier (Toulouse) on 22 Nov 2008 – Last.fmfor:jrpalmer 
The Subways at Le Phare (Tournefeuille) on 21 Oct 2008 – Last.fmfor:jrpalmer 
Local Idiot To Post Comment On Internet | The Onion - America's Finest News Sourcefor:RichardNeilJones for:geographyalltheway 
Rescuing Berlin's Most Famous World War II RuinHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Claus von Stauffenberg: the true story behind the film Valkyrie, starring Tom CruiseHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Nazi war crimes suspect faces extradition from AustraliaHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Henry VIII's benevolent side emerges with a 1 million pound chainhn-yr8-tudors 
Captain Cook's boomerang to make a handsome returnhn-yr9-eti 
Brain Rules for Presenterspedagogy 
Franco's relationship with Hitler: New InsightsHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Pro-Israeli propaganda: Shockingly biased and ranting "academic" article to use in classyr9_middle_east 
Was Crippen Guilty?yr9_jack_the_ripper hn-yr9-eti 
A Historian uses Fiction to Tell the Story of the Black DeathHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous The Peasants' Revolt 
Diagram of Web2 Educational Toolsfor:RichardNeilJones 
UserVoice » Customer Feedback 2.0ActiveHistory Ideas 
Is Google Making Us Stupid?pedagogy 
Time On Your Side Chords by Emily Jane White @ Ultimate-Guitar.Comtab 
YouTube - Kaki King - Playing With Pink Noise Videofor:jrpalmer 
Making the Modern World - Exhibityr9_indrev_causes 
Bergen-Belsen survivor learns of sisters' fate 64 years onHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Sex on the Sommehn-ww1 
Terror on Wall Street, 1920History in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
The Windscale Disasterhn-coldwar 
earth album alpha - a slicker google maps + flickr mash-upfor:geographyalltheway 
Hack N Mod - Amazingly Cool Hacks, Mods, and Projectsfor:Billy_Mc for:RichardNeilJones 
Inhabitat: Inspiring Designfor:Billy_Mc 
8 Essential Skills They Didn’t Teach You In Schoolpedagogy 
Tag Galaxyfor:RichardNeilJones 
Study Guides and Strategiespedagogy 
The Hitler Analogy - Why do Putin and Bush keep using the Nazis?History in the News: Nazi Germany 
The Great War . Historians . Overview | PBSib_ww1_course 
Berlin's Holocaust Memorial Vandalized With Nazi GraffitiHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Slave trade monuments given official protection in UKHistory in the News: The Slave Trade 
Spanish DNA bank to identify Franco victimsHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
1970's View of what a Year 2000 TV would look like...for:RichardNeilJones 
Georgia fails to escape its past (BBC)hn-ib-russia-to1924 History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Paleo-Future: Computers in the Home by Year 2000 (1978)for:RichardNeilJones for:Billy_Mc 
TheSixtyOne - Music social networkfor:jrpalmer 
Moralize.usActiveHistory Ideas TOK 
StumbleAudio (2 million+ music tracks to discover)for:jrpalmer 
kluster: gather and display collaborative points of viewActiveHistory Ideas 
AllofMe and the Sports Illustrated Timelinefor:nharvey05 
Michael Phelps Returns To His Tank At Sea World | The Onion - America's Finest News Sourcefor:nharvey05 
Web 2.0 free buttons generator!ActiveHistory Ideas 
Old Aussie soldier uncovered in Belgiumhn-ww1 
Swiss finally clear the last 'witch' beheaded in Europehn-yr8-religion 
Ebert Cartoon: Mercy of Right and Leftgcse_weimar_germany 
Weimar Culture: Otto Dixgcse_weimar_germany 
World's last female First World War veteran dieshn-ww1 
Engineering a historical oblivion for soldiers of the wrong warsgcse_ww1_course 
DevSnippets » ChartsActiveHistory Ideas 
SexyAlertBoxActiveHistory Ideas 
History Dustbin: Chronologyct_dustbin ct_history 
Israeli spy admits Mossad allowed Josef Mengele to escapeHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Paralympics come to Beijing but little to celebrate for disabled Chinesehn-ib-china 
Stalin makes a comeback with Russian teachersHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
8tracks: Create and share music mixes onlinefor:jrpalmer 
Online Tab Player | Songsterrtab for:jrpalmer 
How to Create a Fishbone Diagramct_fishbone 
History of the Paralympicsfor:nharvey05 
Former Nazi Collaborator from Ukraine Loses US AppealHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Ten years of Googlefor:geographyalltheway for:richardneiljones 
Secret documents say Markov's killer was given a medalhn-coldwar 
British spy in longbow plot to kill Heinrich HimmlerHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Hadrian's Wall in the spotlightfor:s_walker 
Huge tribute to Lenin visible on Google Earthhn-ib-russia-to1924 
Encyclopedia of Lifefor:davidfaure 
geek-tattoo.jpg (JPEG Image, 350x389 pixels)for:richardneiljones 
Year 12 Induction Programme: Assessment Formfor:donkeysamdennis for:julieheathcotesmith for:lucycockerton for:mini_moxom for:PatriciaUrenaRuiz 
Memories of Containment - Coming to Grips With Russia’s New Nervehn-coldwar 
For First Time, Figure in Rosenberg Case Admits Spying for Sovietshn-coldwar 
Russia's Putin Says No Basis for New Cold War With 
Lord Nelson's flagship HMS Victory could be put in hands of private companyhn-yr9-eti 
Pope challenges treatment of Church since French Revolutionhn-yr9-frenchrev 
Germany holds rare war crimes trial over 1944 Nazi massacreHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Church owes Darwin apology over evolution theory, says senior Anglicanfor:davidfaure 
Online Dating Helping Pathetic Women Get Their Hopes Crushed More Efficiently | The Onionfor:richardneiljones for:istmaths for:davidfaure for:geographyalltheway 
Fading Cerne Abbas giant brought back to lifehn-yr8-stuarts 
Channel 4's Sex Education Seriesfor:davidfaure 
Rosenberg Sons Acknowledge Their Father Was a Spyhn-coldwar 
Body of Spanish Poet Lorca may be found in mass graveHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
MenuMatic - greengecko designActiveHistory Ideas 
Damn Interesting » Doctor Watson's Phobia Factoryfor:davidfaure 
Pope defends "Hitler's Pope"History in the News: Nazi Germany 
Palestinians paying price for West's Holocaust guilt, says TutuHistory in the News: Nazi Germany IB History News: The Middle East 
Visible Body | 3D Human Anatomyfor:davidfaure 
Weimar Culture: Fling the Teacher Quizgcse_weimar_germany 
A New Cold War in the Caribbean?hn-coldwar 
Library to share 14th-century royal cookbook onlineHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
The Parallel with 1929 We Ignore at Our PerilHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
Is English law related to Muslim law?History News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
Fancy Windows: Dialogs, Alerts, External Links etc.ActiveHistory Ideas 
GreyBox: Launch popup window stylishlyActiveHistory Ideas 
Pie Charts in JavascriptActiveHistory Ideas 
curvyCorners - Ultimate Rounded Corners.ActiveHistory Ideas Online Manners Matterfor:richardneiljones 
Jewish city feared by Stalin is rediscoveredHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Million pound "Marshall Aid" banknote on sale for £40,000hn-coldwar 
Internet Explorer Makes Desperate Overture To Become Default Browser | The Onion - America's Finest News Sourcefor:richardneiljones PSHCE / Biology debate packsfor:davidfaure 
Never lose a document again: how Google Docs can change the way you and your department work! | elearnrfor:richardneiljones 
Weapons that helped start World War I going on show in Londonhn-ww1 
Physics Quiz: Types of Energyct_physics ct_quiz 
russeltarr's mfl Bookmarks on Deliciousfor:braud_a 
russeltarr's art Bookmarks on Deliciousfor:lizharvey 
Lord Nelson bust unveiled on 250th anniversary of Trafalgar hero's birthhn-yr9-eti 
10 simple things you can do to improve your writingessay-skills 
Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity | Video on TED.compedagogy for:bowles_o 
Gallery - 2008 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge Winnersfor:davidfaure 
Snakes and ladders in the pay gamefor:Oliver_b 
Boris Yefimov, legendary Soviet Cartoonist, diesHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Hitler's desk set on which Munich pact was signed in 1938 put up for sale in online auctionHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
70th Anniversary of the Munich AgreementHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
RedBubble - Art Gallery and Creative Communityfor:lizharvey 
Vimeo, Video Sharing For Youinset2-av 
Victorian Parlour Gamesyr9_misc 
Google Docs Templatesfor:istmaths for:oliver_b 
Depression offers lessons for financial crisisHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
Should Holocaust Denial be a Crime in the UK?History in the News: Nazi Germany 
Roman invasion beach found in KentYr7 History News: Roman Empire 
ResizR - Easy online image resizeActiveHistory Ideas 
Unveiling a Tall Tribute to Frederick DouglassHistory in the News: The Slave Trade 
Barack Obama Quote Generator - Buttafly.comfor:richardneiljones 
Golliwogs for sale in shop near Liverpool's International Slavery museumHistory in the News: The Slave Trade 
Spain to offer compensation to victims of Franco dictatorshipHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
feedlyfor:geographyalltheway for:richardneiljones 
Stem Cells Harvested From Human Testiclesfor:davidfaure 
1783 - The First Edition of The Onionfor:richardneiljones for:istmaths for:jrpalmer 
Vatican: "Pius protected Jews during WWII"History in the News: Nazi Germany 
Google Earth: The Black Death in EuropeThe Peasants' Revolt 
The Middle Ages: Feudal Life - Great summaries organised by themeyr7_town_village yr7_misc 
BBC History - Normans: Fantastic ideas, information, imagesThe Norman Conquest 
Essential Norman Conquest: 3D Maps and Models to watch onlineThe Norman Conquest 
Medieval Siege: Destroy the Castle GameCastles 
Medieval Arms Race: Outlines main methods of attacking a castleCastles 
Ghosts in a Medieval Castle: An online adventure gameCastles ActiveHistory Ideas 
Poland Angered by "German" Copernicushn-yr8-renaissance 
France in shock as dictionary Le Petit Robert relaxes language rules - Times Onlinefor:braud_a 
Should Mary Queen of Scots should be repatriated from England?hn-yr8-tudors 
Top 10 Mad Scientists in Historyfor:davidfaure for:istmaths for:jrpalmer for:richardneiljones 
Flowgram Presentation - MFL toolsfor:braud_a for:davidfaure 
VoiceThread - Stalin and Propagandainset2-av 
VoiceThread - Group conversations around images, docs, and videosinset2-av 
Survivor of U-boat attack laid to rest in sunken battleshiphn-ww2 
Coda-Slider 1.1.1ActiveHistory Ideas 
Titanic survivor auctions relicshn-yr9-eti 
K12 Online Conference 2008 | PRE CONFERENCE KEYNOTE “It Simply Isn’t the 20th Century Any More Is It?: So Why Would We Teach as Though It Was?”for:oliver_b 
2. The subscripion feed for ITunes takes the form:
Podcasting in WordPress
Hell on Earth: Colour photographs of the bloody battle of Passchendaelegcse_ww1_course 
Battle of the Somme: Interactivities from Channel 4gcse_ww1_course 
Free Heraldry ClipartHeraldry 
Flash Game: Design a Coat of Arms OnlineHeraldry 
Shield Outline ImageHeraldry 
Lost picture of young Queen Bess found after 450 yearshn-yr8-tudors 
Stalin 'planned to send a million troops to stop Hitler if Britain and France agreed pact'hn-ww2 History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Heraldry - Shield ShapesHeraldry 
Latin motto generatorHeraldry 
Bringing a Trove of Medieval Manuscripts OnlineHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
FlickingBookActiveHistory Ideas 
BBC - History - World War One Moviesgcse_ww1_course 
Smugopedia: Collection of user-submitted philosophical one-liners to think abouttok 
Bright Child/Gifted Learnerpedagogy 
Game Innovation Databasefor:richardneiljones ActiveHistory Ideas 
The Galilean Librarytok 
Imaging the French Revolutionyr9_french_revolution 
social bookmarking for images on vi.sualize.usfor:lizharvey 
Customer Feedback for ActiveHistoryActiveHistory Ideas 
Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmadefor:lizharvey 
Dailymotion UKinset2-av 
16,777,216 Possible options. What will yours be? - Hexdayfor:lizharvey 
New on Posterous: Podcast by Email - The Official Posterous Posterousinset2-av inset4-webware 
Nazi Enigma machines helped General Franco in Spanish Civil WarHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Adolf Hitler 'planned propaganda cable TV'History in the News: Nazi Germany 
Vikings preferred male grooming to pillagingHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
Russia and the USSR, 1860-1924ib_russia_misc 
In Germany, crisis revives old memories of HyperinflationHistory in the News: Weimar Germany 
Outcry over Belgian TV cookery show helping people cook Hitler's favourite mealsHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
In Soviet Russia, Lake Contaminates Youib_russia_stalin 
Encalc - free online scientific calculatorfor:davidfaure 
JFK's drug addictions almost caused nuclear warhn-coldwar 
2007 Trends article on LogoLounge.Comfor:lizharvey 
Cymbolism | Words & Colorsfor:lizharvey 
Webware 100: The best webapps for 2008inset4-webware 
finetune: create a playlist of selected songs, then embed a player on your blog / websiteActiveHistory Ideas for:jrpalmer 
Ustream TV: Set up a live video broadcastinset2-av 
Vichy calls for Nazi past to be forgotten after 60 yearsHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
World War One Cigarette Cardsgcse_ww1_course 
The last soldiers to die in World War Ihn-ww1 
WWI veteran launches Poppy Appealhn-ww1 
Halloween pardon sought for executed British witches - CNN.comhn-yr8-religion Reformation and Witchcraft 
Crowds bid fond farewell to airport that saved Berlinhn-coldwar 
Passport offer for Spanish exilesHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Virtual Pilgrimage - travelling through Bearnyr7_pilgrimage 
compostela_map.gif (GIF Image, 750x522 pixels)yr7_pilgrimage 
Pilgrims' roads in France - Maps and Page Linksyr7_pilgrimage 
Colonisation and political change, 1750-1900yr9_indrev_causes 
Art of WW1gcse_ww1_course 
1914-18 war - Art of the First World War - Guided tourgcse_ww1_course extended-essays 
World War I veteran dies aged 108hn-ww1 
The Charge of Light Brigade boy who rode into the jaws of death and lived to tell the talehn-yr9-eti 
Nazi Massacre: Berlin Takes Rome to Courthn-ww2 
The first Boys from Brazil: Nazi graveyard discovered deep in the Amazon rainforestHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Women in the Great Warib_ww1_course 
Cathars and Cathar Beliefs in the LanguedocThe Cathars 
Kate Mosse - Official WebsiteThe Cathars 
The Power (and Peril) of Praising Your Kids -- New York Magazinepedagogy for:davidfaure for:nharvey05 
Make your own book with Blurbextended-essays 
Positive Teaching, Positive Learning - Google Book Searchfor:davidfaure 
BBC - Dragons' Den - Homepageyr9_indrev_causes 
Snipd - Save and Share Anything you find on the webinset4-webware 
Daily Aphorisms from The School of Lifepedagogy 
Museum Box HomepageActiveHistory Ideas project-tools 
How to be a student | Education | 
Acceleration - convert from centigal unit to centigal - Convert Center for Unit Conversionfor:davidfaure 
Vanderbilliy | Free Online Video Guitar Lessonsfor:jrpalmer 
Journal of Neo-Victorian Studiesextended-essays 
ArtistTerms.comfor:lizharvey - Online Interactive ELearning Resource Library. Maths, English, Science, Business, French, German, Art and More.for:davidfaure - Online Interactive ELearning Resource Library. Maths, English, Science, Business, French, German, Art and More.for:braud_a 
The Times Of My Life - Set Up - The Times Of My LifeActiveHistory Ideas 
The 50 most significant moments of Internet history - Crave at CNET UKfor:richardneiljones 
Welcome - Music Manifestofor:jrpalmer 
Waldomathsfor:oliver_b maths 
The whitewashing of StalinHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
British veteran, 112, to mark WWI anniversary in Londonhn-ww1 
Field Marshal Douglas Haig would have let Germany win, biography sayshn-ww1 
Jigsaw: The Sole Traderct ct_jigsaw 
The Philosophers' Magazine Onlinetok 
'We should be more thankful': Teenagers Experience the Impact of WW1hn-ww1 
World recalls end of World War Ihn-ww1 
Dustbin Game: Money, Wants and Needsct_dustbin 
BBC NEWS | In pictures: Faces of Battle, Hidden horrorib_ww1_course 
Spartacus - Industrial Revolution Erayr9_indrev_causes 
Children in the Victorian Ageyr9_indrev_causes 
PBS: Africans in Americayr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Discovery Channe: Understanding Slaveryyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
The National Archives Learning Curve | Podcastsinset2-av 
Learning Curve | What is history?yr7_what_is_history 
Women in the Industrial Revolutionyr9_indrev_causes 
Casebook: Jack the Ripperyr9_jack_the_ripper 
Jack the Ripper - Interactive Map of Whitechapelyr9_jack_the_ripper 
10 Most Bizarre Musical Instruments - Oddee.comfor:jrpalmer 
Evidence, History, and the Great War: Historiographygcse_ww1_course 
Siegelbaum, Stalinism as a Way of Lifeib_russia_stalin 
The National Archives Learning Curve | Heroes & Villains | Stalin & industrialisationib_russia_stalin 
The National Archives Learning Curve | Britain 1906-18gcse_british_depth_study 
Russia Reforms and Their Limits, 1855-92ib_russia_alex2 
Alexander II and Reformib_russia_alex2 
Paleo-Future: The Millennium Bug (1998)for:richardneiljones 
How to Mimic the iGoogle Interface - NETTUTSActiveHistory Ideas 
35 Thought Provoking Education Quotes | Ace Online Schoolsfor:davidfaure for:oliver_b pedagogy 
Madman's notes throw new light on Ripper casehn-yr9-jack 
TestToob - A Community For Every Day Scientistsfor:davidfaure 
Jewish History Sourcebook: The Expulsion from Spain, 1492 CEextended-essay_pedro 
Medieval Sourcebook: Selections From The Legends & Poetry of The Turksextended-essay-george 
Modern History Sourcebook: Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq: The Turkish Letters, 1555-1562extended-essay-george 
Accounts of the Ottoman Empire by Busbecq and Montesquieu: The Role of Orientalismextended-essay-george 
History Target: Hitler's Consolidation of Powerct_target 
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Four philosophical questions to make your brain hurtTOK 
Did Hitler really only have ONE testicle?History in the News: Nazi Germany 
The Great War Archive | First World War Digital Poetry Archiveextended-essays 
Cassius Dio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaextended-essay-stephen 
Augustan History - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaextended-essay-stephen 
Historia Augusta • Life of Hadrian (Part 1 of 2)extended-essay-stephen 
Emperor Hadrian, YouTube hero Tom Holland TLSextended-essay-stephen 
Major Find at Sagalassosextended-essay-stephen 
British Museum - Hadrian: Empire and Conflictextended-essay-stephen 
Roman Emperors - DIR hadrianextended-essay-stephen 
History of the Great Eastern, with stereoscopic photographsextended-essays yr9_indrev_causes 
What is Stereo photography? - with Victorian Examplesyr9_indrev_causes 
BBC News | In pictures | Brunel exhibitionyr9_indrev_causes 
Stereo Photos of the Russo-Japanese Warib_russia_nick2 
Biology Dustbin Game: Polysaccharidesct_dustbin for:davidfaure 
Makeover Planned for Hitler's Baltic Sea Hotel ColossusHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Vatican 'forgives' John Lennonhn-yr8-religion 
Copernicus's remains identifiedhn-yr8-renaissance 
Lord Nelson's letter detailing naval strategy against French to be soldhn-yr9-eti 
YouTube - Brass Eye - Good AIDs vs Bad AIDsfor:davidfaure 
How the future can shed light on the past | Resource | The Guardianct_press 
Pope speaks to Ukrainian pilgrims of 1930s famineHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Nazi holiday resort Prora to be opened to tourists for first timeHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
A New Legacy in Belgium for World War I Desertershn-ww1 
Archaeologists find wreck of slave shipHistory in the News: The Slave Trade 
21st century Black Death discovered by scientistsHistory in the News: Black Death 
If Only Someone Had Written A Song Describing The Bittersweet, Cyclical Nature Of The Father-Son Relationship | The Onion - America's Finest News Sourcefor:jrpalmer 
"Re-Stalinisation" of Putin’s Era Veils Sins of Stalin’sHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Big Think - We Are What You Thinktok 
Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler - analysis of Allied propaganda in World War Oneib_ww1_course 
Franco feared Hitler wanted to kidnap him, says daughterHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War ib_spain 
Touching Base with Gail: Classtools Jigsaw Templatect_press 
Can't Find My Way Hometab 
Change Song by Blodwyn Pigtab 
Logo Of The Day - Logo Design Inspiration, Gallery & Award Scheme!for:lizharvey 
First World - Primary Documentsextended-essays 
Chronology 1918ib_ww1_course 
Girl from iconic Great Depression photo: 'We were ashamed'History in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
10 Geekiest Graffiti - (nerd grafitti, geek graffiti)for:richardneiljones 
Rubbish Foreign Language Teacher Adfor:braud_a 
Pop!Castsfor:davidfaure for:lizharvey 
Pop!Casts - Imogen Heap, improviserfor:jrpalmer 
Film Education | Resources | The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas | Reading Historygcse_nazi_germany 
Film Education | Resources | The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas | Clip Activitiesfor:theatreteacher 
League of Nationsib_ist_league 
Stalin planned to destroy Moscow if the Nazis moved inHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Spanish Inquisition left genetic legacy in Iberiahn-ib-misc 
History and geography lessons in primary schools should be scrapped, says report - Telegraphfor:geographyalltheway 
23 Awesome Photos That Look Like They’re Photoshopped But Are Not - Opensource, Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developersfor:lizharvey 
The Memoirs of Count Witte - Google Book Searchib_russia_nick2 
Hitler's pub dart bomb: The secret Nazi weapon drawn up to terrorise BritainHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Gulag files seized during police raid on rights groupHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Germany gets go-ahead to prosecute 'Ivan the Terrible' in last Nazi trialHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Beatles Guitar Tabs for - You'Ve Got To Hide Your Love Away Tabs, Chords, Lyricstab 
How Islamists Use the Crusadesextended-essays 
Signs of dispute on Moscow's Solzhenitsyn StreetHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Buy Land of Promise: The British Documentary Movement 1930-1950 | Guardian Reader Offersextended-essays 
BFI Filmstore 25% Off BFI Boxsetsextended-essays 
Song to the sirentab 
Fat Old Sun by Pink Floyd - guitar chords, guitar tabs and lyrics - chordietab 
Cirrus Minor by Pink Floyd - guitar chords, guitar tabs and lyrics - chordietab 
The W.T. Stead Resource Site, William Thomas Stead, Stead, Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon, Pall Mall Gazette, prostitution, child prostitution, Eliza Armstrong, Northern Echo, Review of Reviews, new journalism, sensationalism, truth about the navy, bordextended-essays 
Last statue of dictator Franco removed from mainland SpainHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
The National Archives - The Cabinet Papers 1915 - 1977extended-essays The history of the cartoonextended-essays 
Treasures in full: Shakespeare's plays, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Gutenberg's Bibleextended-essays 
Online Archives of Hisorical Newspapersextended-essays 
Charles Booth Online Archiveextended-essays 
Proceedings of the Old Bailey - filled with primary sources, timeline and glossary, with a schools sectionextended-essays gcse_crime 
Royal Society opens free online archive • The Registerfor:davidfaure 
YouTube - 70's Childrens TV, toys, adverts and sweetsfor:richardneiljones for:jrpalmer for:lizharvey 
Historiography of the Peace Conference of 1919 and Surrounding Eventsgcse_peace_treaties 
1901 to World War IIextended-essays 
International Taxi Fare Calculator - World Taximeterfor:geographyalltheway 
Jennifer Government: NationStatesActiveHistory Ideas 
Venn Diagram Creator: 2-Venn or 3-Vennfor:geographyalltheway 
The League of Nations: Detailed online essaygcse_1920s gcse_1930s 
Baldwin on Disarmament, 1923: "The time is not yet ripe"gcse_1920s 
League of Nations - Everything on League of Nationsgcse_1920s gcse_1930s 
HANSARD 1803–2005extended-essays 
Q&A: The history behind Israel's Gaza strikesyr9_middle_east 
Wall Street's Final '08 Toll: $6.9 Trillion Wiped OutHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
103 Year Old reflects on 1929 > 2008History in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
At 50, Cuba's revolution showing its agehn-coldwar 
Why do apologies in history only sometimes work?extended-essays TOK 
Snippets: Howto Grey-Out The ScreenActiveHistory Ideas 
Interactive whiteboard seminar - History Teachers' Discussion Forumct_press 
The Origins of the Second World War - Ruth Heniggcse_1930s 
Quiz Template: Who's Who in the Bible?ct_quiz 
Kropotkin: Memoirs of a Revolutionist - EBookib_russia_nick2 extended-essays ib_russia_alex2 
Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Notes from the Underground: EBookib_russia_nick2 extended-essays 
Dostoevsky: Notes from the Underground - Ebookib_russia_nick2 
Nazi “Lebensborn” Adults Piece Together Their PastsHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Find General Francisco Franco's stolen children of the Spanish Civil War, says courtHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Wikispaces Blog » Blog Archive » Create Accounts for Your Students Yourselffor:braud_a 
Free Technology for Teachers: Simple Science Videosfor:davidfaure 
NOVA | Watch NOVA Programs Online | PBSinset2-av 
Science is Fun in the Lab of Shakhashirifor:davidfaure simple private file sharing, free internet file sharinginset4-webware 
Jing | Fantastic Screen Recorderinset2-av 
Timelines: Israel, the Gaza Strip, and Hamasyr9_middle_east 
Adam - Advanced Dynamic Application for creating Multimedia Content - Powered by Hosting NationActiveHistory Ideas 
55 Great Websites To Download Free Sound Effects | Toolsfor:jrpalmer - View, create and compare timelinesinset4-webware 
myVidoop Enrollment - Category selectionActiveHistory Ideas 
Sociable - Social Bookmarking for WordPress - Yoast - Tweaking WebsitesActiveHistory Ideas 
AFP: WWI veteran Stone dieshn-ww1 
Gyroscopic Mouseinset4-webware 
Alexander Nevsky: MPEG Download!ib_russia_stalin 
October: Ten Days That Shook the World - MPEG Download!ib_russia_stalin 
FlipBook: The memoirs of Count Witteib_russia_nick2 
EBook: Leon Trotsky: "1905"ib_russia_nick2 
Busbi Digital Video Camera - buy Busbi Digital Video Camera at Firebox.cominset2-av 
tutpup - play, compete, learnmaths 
Is Sarkozy the new Napoleon?hn-yr9-frenchrev 
Briton drew pictures of the moon before Galileohn-yr8-renaissance 
Routes:discover the secrets in your genes - Eventbritefor:davidfaure 
Ebook: War and Revolution in Russia, 1914-1917ib_russia_nick2 
Ebook: The Bolshevik Revolution 1917-1923 (EH Carr) Volume Iib_russia_lenin ib_russia_nick2 
Ebook: The Bolshevik Revolution 1917-1923 (EH Carr) Volume 2ib_russia_lenin ib_russia_nick2 
Ebook: The Russian Revolution 1917 Eyewitness Account Volume I (1962)ib_russia_lenin ib_russia_nick2 
Ebook: The Russian diary of an Englishman, Petrograd, 1915-1917ib_russia_lenin ib_russia_nick2 
Ebook: Rasputin and the Russian Revolution (1918)ib_russia_lenin ib_russia_nick2 
Internet Archive: Details: Hogarthextended-essays-tina 
Internet Archive: Details: Hogarthextended-essays-tina 
Internet Archive: Details: Hogarthextended-essays-tina 
Internet Archive: Details: William Hogarthextended-essays-tina 
Internet Archive: Details: Hogarth S Progressextended-essays-tina 
Internet Archive: Details: Mr. Hogarth's willextended-essays-tina 
Internet Archive: Details: A bibliography of William Hogarthextended-essays-tina 
Internet Archive: Details: Anecdotes of William Hogarth: Written by Himselfextended-essays-tina 
Internet Archive Search: hogarthextended-essays-tina 
Boudicca's gold hoard unearthedYr7 History News: Roman Empire 
Rosa Luxemburg Still Popular 90 Years after AssassinationHistory in the News: Weimar Germany 
CleVR » Free, easy panoramic photo stitcher - panoramas and virtual toursinset2-av 
MeFi Music | Community Weblogfor:jrpalmer 
Odblog: ...and a starter for Higherct_press 
History News Networkhn-yr8-renaissance 
Teacher Training Videos created by Russell Stannardinset2-av 
Panoramic photography of the world - Handy for geographers....!for:geographyalltheway 
English Child Songstarr_children 
Interview with Hitler 5/4/37 on his foreign policy - great source!gcse_1930s 
Germany: 1933-38 (i294) Indexextended-essays 
Interview with Gen. Goering 5/4/37gcse_1930s 
Interview with Dr. Schacht 5/5/37gcse_1930s 
Grooveshark -- Listen to Free Musicfor:jrpalmer 
Quiz Creator for ipodfor:geographyalltheway 
education - iPhone Apps, iPhone 3G apps and iPod touch Applications Gallery appsafari.comfor:geographyalltheway for:ge 
History Diamond9: Problems with the Treaty of Versaillesct_diamond9 ct 
Britain on the brink of an economic depression, say experts - TelegraphHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 » 25 years of the Apple Macfor:richardneiljones 
Is Bavaria right to try banning the reprinting of Nazi newspapers?History in the News: Nazi Germany » Memories by Russel Tarrfor:richardneiljones 
1905 / 1917 Russian Revolutions: Great siteib_russia_nick2 
MindMap: useful tools for teachersinset4-webware 
10 Things Millionaires Won't Tell Youfor:Oliver_b 
Let me google that for youfor:richardneiljones 
Anti-Motivational Posters for Cynicsfor:richardneiljones 
Winds Topple 223-Year-Old Tree Planted For Marie Antoinettehn-yr9-frenchrev 
Debategraph homeTOK 
Flash Argument Maps: Great for getting kids debatingTOK 
PowerPoint Heaven - How to use PowerPoint creatively and innovativelyinset2-av 
Free printable staff paper @ Blank Sheet Music .netfor:jrpalmer | GTA | Tracking web chatter to uncover trendsfor:richardneiljones 
That's Not Cool: Great starter for PSHCE lesson on Sexting etc.for:Oliver_b 
Hallelujah Tab by Jeff Buckley @ Ultimate-Guitar.Comtab 
Liza Radley Chords by Jam @ Ultimate-Guitar.Comtab 
'Our last living link' to WWIhn-ww1 
Movies - News - Nicholson to pen historical epic '1066' - Digital SpyHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
Armour shows how Henry VIII grew into an 'absolute monster' - Times Onlinehn-yr8-tudors 
An iPod Touch in Every Classroom by Kelly Croy » Moving at the Speed of Creativityfor:geographyalltheway 
'Warts and all' death mask of Oliver Cromwell up for auction | Mail Onlinehn-yr8-stuarts 
Creating Custom iPhone and iPod Touch Flashcards with gFlash and Google Documents » Moving at the Speed of Creativityfor:geographyalltheway 
JS Charts - Free Javascript Chart Generator | Web Resources | WebAppersActiveHistory Ideas 
JS charts – The free JavaScript chart generatorActiveHistory Ideas 
Pretty Loaded - a preloader museumfor:richardneiljones 
Al-Qaeda hit by Black Death fear as medieval plague kills 40 terrorists at training campHistory in the News: Black Death 
MP's alarm over "Domesday Book" Council Tax threatHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
Weimar remembers the democracy destroyed by Hitler : Europe WorldHistory in the News: Weimar Germany 
Nazis developed Thalidomide and tested it on concentration camp prisonersHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
edublogs: Ken Robinson's The Element: reincarnating creativitypedagogy 
Cambridge University's "Empire Ball" - 'insensitive and racist?'History in the News: The Slave Trade 
RSA - Sir Ken Robinsonpedagogy 
PocketTweets: Twitter For Your iPhonefor:geographyalltheway 
PodOxford - University of Oxfordfor:Oliver_b 
iTunes U - An Introduction from Appleinset2-av 
NewsGenerators for school subjects - project by Russel Tarrfor:davidfaure for:jrpalmer 
Science in the News from ClassPress.Netfor:davidfaure 
CNN Online Video - Great Depression vs. Now - Which was Worse?History in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
Discredited Memoirist Defends Holocaust BookHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Adored by Hitler, Gay Tenor With Jewish Wife Thrived in ReichHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
IBHistoryHLWikiinset4-webware ib_revision 
Mussolini and Italy - Google Book Searchib_mussolini 
Review: Mussolini by Nicholas Farrell | Books | The Guardianib_mussolini 
'Superguns' of Elizabeth I's navyhn-yr8-tudors 
Cherwell - Podcastsfor:Oliver_b oxbridge 
best_resume_ever.jpg (JPEG Image, 378x614 pixels)for:Oliver_b 
Onion Store@ The IFeastfor:richardneiljones 
German neo-Nazis plan to build Fourth Reich on back of new economic crisisHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Particle Physics t-shirt - one for Colin Cuthbert!!!for:davidfaure 
Teaching Writing in History Class - The Writing Teacher - Tips, Techniques, and Advice on Teaching Writingpedagogy 
Palestinians pay tribute to victims of the HolocaustIB History News: The Middle East 
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1066 The Musical to hit the stageHistory in the News: Norman Conquest 
How to spot a hidden religious agenda - science-in-society - 28 February 2009 - New Scientistfor:davidfaure 
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GEOFFREY LEVY: Eric Hobsbawm, useful idiot of the chattering classes | Mail OnlineHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Is Web 2.0 the problem for VLEs? - The Assignment Reportpedagogy 
Author Orlando Figes claims political pressure behind cancellation of Stalin bookHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Stalin no better than Hitler? What do YOU think?History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Products overview - Spotifyfor:jrpalmer 
Turn your keyboard into a musical instrument!for:jrpalmer 
Midnight Specialtab 
iPhone and iPod touch create sweet music, cool video - iPod/iPhone - Macworld UKfor:jrpalmer 
CNBC claims "Comrade" Obama is a "Bolshevik" who is "taking cues from Lenin"hn-ib-russia-to1924 
tehran times : Islam's evolutionary legacyfor:davidfaure 
Students Benefit From Depth, Rather Than Breadth, In High School Science Coursesfor:davidfaure 
David Irving disturbs Holocaust lectureHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Local Councillor cheapens the HolocastHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Defectors expose plans of Germany's 'real' NazisHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Russia to outlaw criticism of WWII tacticsHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Rare Species Of Frog May Hold Cure To…Ah, Never Mind, It's Extinct | The Onion - America's Finest News Sourcefor:davidfaure 
Land and Freedom: A Reply to Jeff Sawtellib_scw 
DNA testing ends mystery surrounding Czar Nicholas II childrenhn-ib-russia-to1924 
Harry Patch, last surviving WWI Tommy, honoured by Frenchhn-ww1 
Hacks versus FrancoHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Irreplaceable historical treasures lost under collapsed Cologne archivesTOK 
Black Death woman 'vampire' is unearthedHistory in the News: Black Death 
PeaceMaker Home :: PeaceMaker - Play the News. Solve the Puzzle.yr9_middle_east 
Vikings lived 'harmoniously with our ancestors'History in the News: Norman Conquest 
Ground Zero: Google Maps and Nuclear Weaponsyr9_ww2_homefront 
BibliOdyssey: Knight's Tournament BookHeraldry 
Middle East - Link TV - RSS, Podcastsyr9_middle_east 
All My Faves | Kids - The Amusement Park of the Webtarr_children 
Marc Newson of his new A380 interiors | Pop Wupingfor:Billy_Mc 
Read Children's Book: Is a Worry Worrying You? - BigUniverse.comtarr_children 
Bin Laden: Gaza offensive was a 'holocaust'IB History News: The Middle East 
Has time run out for the Nazi-hunters? - good stimulus for a debateHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
mental_floss Blog » 8 Brilliant Scientific Screw-upsfor:davidfaure 
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Beautiful magnetic fields | Open (minds, finds, conversations)...for:davidfaure 
Guernica in 3Dib_scw 
United Kingdom Football Club Crests, Badges & LogosHeraldry 
Spain set to tear down its last statue of General FrancoHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
'Negative' attitude to Robin HoodHistory in the News: Norman Conquest 
Red House Bookstarr_children 
Susan Hibbert: Death of last person to witness German surrenderhn-ww2 
The National Archives Learning Curve | World War IIyr9_ww2_homefront 
Link TV | Mosaic: World News From The Middle Eastyr9_middle_east 
ITN - Clinton slams Israeli demolition plan (2009-03-05)yr9_mideast_news 
ITN - Palestinian PM resigns - 2009-03-08yr9_mideast_news 
ITN - Pope to visit Middle East - 2009-03-09yr9_mideast_news 
ITN - Bin Laden slams Gaza 'holocaust' - 2009-03-16yr9_mideast_news 
Elmbridge Council leader backs Auschwitz jibe councillor Lara ConawayHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Principles of Orchestration On-line - northernsounds.comfor:jrpalmer 
Fantasy Stock Market Game and Free Online Paper Trading at Wall Street Survivorgcse_depression 
Periodic_Table_of_Typefaces_large.jpg (JPEG Image, 3150x2100 pixels)for:richardneiljones 
Giant worm found in Cornwall (From This is The West Country)for:davidfaure - Fanstastic tips for presentinginset2-av yr12_induction 
Are exams easier? Boy, 8, takes science GCSE with no preparation... and almost gets a C grade | Mail Onlinefor:davidfaure 
The march of Mussolini into Italy's mainstreamHistory in the News: Mussolini 
Cannot find the damn serverfor:richardneiljones 
Land and Freedom - several reviewsib_scw 
Genius of medieval church builders rediscoveredHistory in the News: Medieval Religion 
China plans a Karl Marx musicalhn-ib-china hn-ib-russia-to1924 
Animated Websites That Kids Will Love But Grownups Will Adoretarr_children 
Celebrity Baby Name or Computer Virusfor:richardneiljones 
Rudest names from the Middle Ages are dying from embarrassmentHistory in the News: Surnames 
Hollywood lies about WW2: do they matter?TOK 
Clash in tense Israeli-Arab townIB History News: The Middle East 
Witness: Women War Artistsib_ww1_course 
BBC's black, high-kicking Friar Tuck annoys historiansHistory in the News: Norman Conquest 
10 Excruciating Medical Treatments from the Middle AgesThe Peasants' Revolt 
Leningrad Siege: "Now and Then" photos - powerful!History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Educational Gamesfor:davidfaure 
Why is Science Important? A film by Alom Shaha | Science | 
Melody Gardot: Music is my love - men are just my lovers - Times Onlinefor:jrpalmer 
Editorial: Italy's fascist shadowHistory in the News: Mussolini 
indispensibletools / FrontPageinset4-webware 
HowStuffWorks "How did the black death spread?"The Peasants' Revolt 
The Black Death - Good on symptomsThe Peasants' Revolt 
Essay Mappedagogy 
Israel FM rejects Annapolis dealIB History News: The Middle East 
Bjork replaces Robert Plant as Led Zeppelin's lead singer | News | NME.COMfor:jrpalmer 
Geography Quiz: Revise Urban Geographyct_geography ct_quiz 
The Science of Secrecy: The Babington PlotThe Stuarts 
The Gunpowder Plot SocietyThe Stuarts 
Matthew Hopkins Witchfinder GeneralThe Stuarts 
D-Day: Simulationyr9_ww2_homefront 
Heraldry GameHeraldry 
Flickr Photo Download: Web Trend Map 4 Final Betafor:kerryturner for:richardneiljones 
Cannon Challenge Game : Future Weapons : Discovery Channelmaths 
Virtual Jamestown: An Online AdventureThe Stuarts 
Hiroshima: Quotesyr9_ww2_homefront 
100 Tips, Apps, and Resources for Teachers on Twitter | Online College Degreeinset-twitter 
Twizza Handbook - Twitter for Educatorsinset-twitter 
Film news Al Pacino finally playing Napoleon | TotalFilm.comhn-yr9-frenchrev 
Medieval warming study is blow to climate change deniersHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
The Black Death - Excellent detailed siteThe Peasants' Revolt 
Lecture 29: Satan Triumphant: The Black DeathThe Peasants' Revolt 
Introduction to Teaching with Moodle Free Online Classfor:richardneiljones 
Article Designed to annoy David Faurefor:davidfaure 
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Piecing together Guernicaib_scw 
Mapping the Contours of Climate Change - Climate Change, Environment - The Independentdebate 
Talking in color: imaging helps social skills | Health | Reuterspedagogy 
Visual Think Map - Loads of ideas here for summary / revision diagrams of key topicspedagogy 
History lesson plans: History Black Death lesson plans: Key stage 3 & 4 lesson plansThe Peasants' Revolt 
The Black DeathThe Peasants' Revolt 
tweenbots | kacie kinzerfor:richardneiljones for:davidfaure for:jrpalmer 
100 Free Online Lectures that Will Make You a Better Teacher | Best Universitiespedagogy 
The Suleymaniye Mosque Tourib_ottomans 
The Medieval Dance of DeathThe Peasants' Revolt 
BibliOdyssey: Burgkmair Tournament BookHeraldry 
GCSE science exams fail watchdog test - Yahoo! News UKfor:davidfaure 
Nazi women's magazines feature knitting patterns and British blame for WWIIHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Diff'rent Strokes opening sequence, reconsidered - Boing Boingfor:jrpalmer Updates » ICT (any use, Richard?!)for:richardneiljones 
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Start.Io: Get students to create a customised homepage of links to best subject-related websitesfor:richardneiljones 
Henry VIII 'turned into a tyrant' by his own annus horribilishn-yr8-tudors 
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An Interview with the Father of Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardnerpedagogy 
Mussolini's daughter's affair with communist revealed in love lettersHistory in the News: Mussolini 
10 Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About | MakeUseOf.cominset2-av 
Berlin Wall Monument Commercialism Breeds Controversyhn-coldwar 
Free Music Archivefor:jrpalmer 
DIFFERENTIATION TOOLBOXfor:jrpalmer pedagogy 
Critical Thinking Resources On The Web #edtechTOK 
*Here Be Dragons: An Introduction to Critical ThinkingTOK for:istphysics 
Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder PlotThe Gunpowder Plot 
Facsimile of letter sent to Lord MonteagleThe Gunpowder Plot 
Snapshots | The Gunpowder PlotThe Gunpowder Plot 
Parliamentary Archives: Gunpowder, Treason & Plot - TimelineThe Gunpowder Plot 
Gun Powder Plot HistoryThe Gunpowder Plot 
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Educational Jargon Generator: Let's all elevate ourselves into the management paradigm!pedagogy for:davidfaure for:richardneiljones for:jrpalmer for:geographyalltheway > web > web economy bullshit generatorfor:richardneiljones 
At Auschwitz, Israeli minister compares Iran to NazisHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
YouTube - Facebook Manners And Youfor:richardneiljones 
Poland 'to ban' Che Guevara imagehn-coldwar 
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Classics Illustrated Comic Booksextended-essays 
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YouTube - What can Moodle do for you?for:richardneiljones 
911Tabs.Com - External Linktab 
Learning Now.pedagogy 
Moodlerooms: Advice and inspiration for using Moodle in schoolsfor:richardneiljones 
[] Search for books, music, videos, articles and more in libraries near youextended-essays 
YouTube - AirTap!for:jrpalmer 
Enhancing communication with Edmodo (="Twitter for Schools")inset-twitter 
Woopid Video Tutorialsinset2-av 
World Digital Library: Primary Sources, attractively organisedextended-essays inset2-av 
The Angry Technicianfor:richardneiljones 
Gizmodo - Best Video I've Seen Today Will Make You Smile - Songs around the worldfor:jrpalmer 
Totlol - Video for Kids. Babies, Toddlers, Pre and School Kids, Tweens and Parentstarr_children 
Ideas to Inspirepedagogy 
Jack the Ripper 'was several different killers'hn-yr9-eti 
cubed -‘We Recommend This …’ - What the hell is this load of meaningless nonsense?for:davidfaure 
Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936gcse_nazi_germany 
Modern World History GCSE and IGCSE History Revision Podcastsgcse_revision 
GCSE Modern World History Revision from www.johndclare.netgcse_revision 
BBC GCSE Bitesize Revision - Modern World Historygcse_revision 
YouTube GCSE History Videos from Mr. Tarrgcse_revision 
GCSE History resources from 
Spartacus Educational - Detailed information about most GCSE history topicsgcse_revision 
Modern World History Summary Pagesgcse_revision 
Summary Sheets for GCSE Historygcse_revision 
Irish student's Jarre wiki hoax dupes journalists | Technology | Internet | Reutersib-history 
Music and the Brainfor:jrpalmer 
Dilbert on the importance of checking internet sourcesib-history for:richardneiljones 
Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd - guitar chords, guitar tabs and lyrics - chordietab 
Why Study HistoryTOK 
English Venn: Newspaper, magazine or both?ct_english ct_venn 
Obama gets it wrong about the HolocaustHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
YouTube - Laura Marling - Tap At My Window - My new Melody Gardot!for:jrpalmer 
911Tabs.Com - External Linktab 
Big Thinkers: Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences | Edutopiapedagogy 
mccandjt's Bookmarks on Delicious - re. Moodlefor:richardneiljones 
21 Things for the 21st Century Educatorpedagogy for:richardneiljones 
The Teaching Palettefor:lizharvey 
Maths Venn: Squares and Rhombusesct_venn ct_maths 
Medieval Images of HellMedieval Religion 
Fibonacci Sequence Illustrated by Nature [PICS]for:Oliver_b for:davidfaure 
Politics Quiz: Rights and Responsibilitiesct_politics ct_quiz 
Spanish Dustbin Game: Dias, meses, comida, numerosct_dustbin ct_spanish 
Biology Quiz: Sexually Transmitted Diseasesct_quiz ct_biology 
English Quiz: Persuasive Techniques [10 questions]ct_english ct_quiz 
Religious Studies Quiz: Life and Religion [48 questions]ct_quiz ct_religion 
French Quiz: Food and Drink [20 questions]ct_french ct_quiz 
Geography PostIt: Sustainable Developmentct_geography ct_postit 
German Quiz: Illnessesct_german ct_quiz 
English Literature Quiz: Key Terminology [28 Questions]ct_quiz ct_english 
Spanish Jigsaw: Una entrevista (en intervju)ct_jigsaw ct_spanish 
Prezi used by 14yr old student - Origins of the British Empireinset2-av 
Xtranormal = project by r 14yr old historianinset2-av 
French Quiz: Family [20 questions]ct_quiz ct_french 
Latin Quiz: Vocabulary [20 Questions]ct_quiz ct_latin 
ICT Quiz: Input / Output Devices [20 Questions]ct_quiz ct_ict 
Bobinogs gamestarr_children 
PSHCE Dustbin: Types of Intelligencect_dustbin ct_pshce 
A tale of romance by the king of chick lit: Napoleon Bonapartehn-yr9-frenchrev 
Berlin Airlift remembered, key moment in Cold Warhn-coldwar 
Stock market optimists need to read a history of the Great DepressionHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
BBC NEWS | Technology | Google unveils 'smarter search'for:richardneiljones 
How the Body Works Main Pagefor:davidfaure 
BBC Podcast: John Coltrane #musicteacherfor:jrpalmer 
Selfish Scientists Won't Share New Findings | The Onion - America's Finest News Sourcefor:davidfaure 
Spanish Quiz: Food and Drink (30 Questions)ct_quiz ct_spanish 
Are you a Cavalier or a Roundhead?hn-yr8-stuarts 
Wallwisher in the History Classroomgcse_1930s 
Curiosity and Creativity in Children, Perhaps Not Quite as Sir Ken Robinson Suggests? — Open Educationpedagogy 
German Quiz: Iss dich fit! [20 Questions]ct_german ct_quiz 
Biology Quiz: Blood Circulationct_biology ct_quiz 
History Quiz: The American Industrial Revolution [20 Questions]ct_history ct_quiz 
Geography Priority Chart: Developed or Not?ct_geography ct_priority 
Vatican Reveals Letter on Henry VIII Papal Pleahn-yr8-tudors 
PSHCE Timeline: Ages and Stages in Lifect_timeline ct_pshce 
Sociology Dustbin: Health, Social Care and Early Years Developmentct_social_studies ct_dustbin 
ICT Quiz - The Internetct_quiz ct_ict 
Religious Studies Quiz: Hinduismct_quiz ct_religion 
English Language Dustbin: Figurative Languagect_dustbin ct_english 
History Quiz: The Medieval Worldct_quiz ct_history 
History Dustbin: The Reign of Henry VIIIct_dustbin ct_history 
History Quiz: The French Revolutionct_quiz ct_history 
School Trip form as returned by a creationistfor:davidfaure for:richardneiljones 
ICT Quiz: Using PowerPointct_ict ct_quiz 
Sociology Quiz: Health Carers and Supportersct_quiz ct_social_studies 
Maths Quiz: Numerical Prefixesct_quiz ct_maths 
German Dustbin Game: Gesundheitct_dustbin ct_german 
In the Footsteps of Marco Poloyr7_misc 
Italian Quiz: Numbers [40 questions]ct_quiz ct_italian 
Microsoft's JavaScript strategy hurting IE 8?for:richardneiljones 
Is history so horrible? - Times Onlinepedagogy 
Vietnam war photographer Van Es dies in Hong Konghn-coldwar 
Mongol Empireyr7_misc 
The Mongols in World History | Asia Topics in World Historyyr7_misc 
History - AcademicBlogspedagogy 
Web Development & Design Tutorials - Nettuts+for:richardneiljones 
Thomas Becket paintings discovered in SpainHistory in the News: Medieval Religion 
History Quiz: The League of Nations in the 1920sct_quiz ct_history 
ICT Priority Chart: How does a Mobile Phone Work?ct_priority ct_ict 
Year 7 History Revisionyr7_revision 
YouTube - Hans Rosling on HIV: New facts and stunning data visualsfor:davidfaure 
Witchfinder General: Low budget but highly accurateReformation and Witchcraft 
Twitter for Educatory - EBookinset-twitter 
Primary Source Accounts of the Trial of King Charles IThe Stuarts 
Historical Debate about the King Charles Death WarrantThe Stuarts 
Dailymotion - Leadbelly News Report - a Music videoyr9_slavery_civil_rights for:Oliver_b 
Tunatic: free music identification softwarefor:jrpalmer 
Leadbelly and Alan Lomaxfor:jrpalmer 
South Park Video Clip: Disengaged Students in the Laptop Classroominset0-intro-starters for:richardneiljones for:thaydn for:Oliver_b for:mattpodbury 
VisualBlooms - homepedagogy for:richardneiljones 
English Literature Quiz: Terminology [34 Questions]ct_quiz ct_english 
English Literature Quiz: Poetry [19 Questions]ct_quiz ct_english 
Physics Quiz: The Solar Systemct_physics ct_quiz 
English Language Quiz: Literary Terms [21 Questions]ct_quiz ct_english 
Latin Quiz: Declensionsct_latin ct_quiz 
Politics Dustbin: Left and Right-Wing Ideasct_dustbin ct_politics 
Physics Quiz: Heatct_quiz ct_physics 
BBC iPlayer Downloader for Macinset2-av 
Geography Dustbin: Energy and Resourcesct_dustbin ct_geography 
History Quiz: Witte and Stolypin (Tsarist Russia, Nicholas II) [23 Questions]ct_history ct_quiz 
History Dustbin: French History and Chronologyct_dustbin ct_french ct_history 
Geography Quiz: Earthquake Studies [32 Questions]ct_quiz ct_geography 
ICT Quiz: Hardwarect_ict ct_quiz 
Geography Diamond9: Location, Location!ct_geography 
French Quiz: Mythologyct_quiz ct_latin ct_french 
The Eight Principles of Funpedagogy 
Man fined for beheading HitlerHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
1066 Interactive Strategy Game from Channel 4The Norman Conquest yr7_revision 
Louis XVI's final testament discoveredhn-yr9-frenchrev 
1940 massacre of Poles remains live issuehn-ww2 
History Quiz: Nazi Germany [19 Questions]ct_quiz ct_history 
History Quiz: Crime and Punishment through timect_dustbin ct_history ct_law 
Science Quiz: Food Technologyct_quiz ct_science ct_food_technology 
30 Artistic and Creative Résumés: Great for a careers lesson! (via / 
Toulouse music map, Toulouse concert tickets: 31 shows found within 1 milesfor:jrpalmer 
PSHCE Dustbin Game: Traitsct_dustbin ct_pshce 
History Timeline: The Quest for Peace in the Middle Eastct_timeline ct_history 
Israel admits Tube advert map 'mistake'IB History News: The Middle East 
80 Videos for Tech. & Media Literacy (via / 
The Saxon Mirror: Lovely illustrations for #historyteacher (via / 
Geography Dustbin: Provinces and Counties of Irelandct_dustbin ct_geography 
British Trotskyists challenge falsification of Spanish Civil War historyib_scw_course 
Creativity in the Classroom, Innovation in the Workplace (by @sirkenrobinson) (via / 
Dilbert on ICT Securityfor:richardneiljones 
12 Practical Ways To Become More Creative (via / 
Church Interiors Game from the BBCMedieval Religion 
Virtual Field Trips: Henry "Box" Brownyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
House Divided Exhibit Gallery: Henry "Box" Brownyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Virtual Field Trips relating to the Slave Tradeyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Differentiated Learning (article) (via / 
Higher Order Thinking Skills: Practical Ideas for the classroom (via / 
Tory activist expelled after Facebook Hitler tache pictureHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
The History Game Canada - Free download for networkingVoyages of Exploration 
ZX Spectrum Games to play online (massive timewasting potential...) (via / Ideas 
Maths Jigsaw: Fractionsct_maths ct_jigsaw 
History Fishbone: King Johnct_history ct_fishbone 
History Timeline: Edward I/II and Scotlandct_history ct_timeline 
History Dustbin: Communism and Fascismct_history ct_dustbin 
How to "Jigsaw" a lesson in in 10 Easy Steps (via / 
Make Better Presentations - The Anatomy of a Good Speech ( - or lesson!) (via / 
Six "steps" to help you manage career development (great for use with students) (via / 
Explore vocational and technical careers (via / 
Welcome to Great Source iwrite!pedagogy 
Spanish Civil War volunteers are granted citizenship 70 years onHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
French PostIt: Le vocabulaire de la montagnect_french ct_postit 
Massive Attack in Toulouse, France at Le Phare - Eventfulfor:jrpalmer 
Bloom's Taxonomy Blooms Digitally (via / 
English Literature Quiz: Key Terms [51 Questions]ct_quiz ct_english 
Music Dustbin Game: Instruments of the Orchestract_dustbin ct_music 
Project Based Learning Checklistspedagogy 
German corpse 'may be Luxemburg'History in the News: Weimar Germany 
Images rescued from dump reveal black British 'Tommy' at the Sommehn-ww1 
Jamendo: Free sound files for movie projects (via / 
THIS IS YOUR BRAIN AT WORK - New York Postpedagogy 
Flash Animation: Calendars through the Ages (via / 
A Questioning Toolkit (via / 
Animation of a Printing PressYear 8 - Miscellaneous 
Australia's oldest man and last WW1 soldier dieshn-ww1 
TEDTalks Spreadsheetpedagogy 
Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash | The Onion - America's Finest News Sourcefor:richardneiljones 
Colomiers. Eurocampus: deux écoles en unetarr_children 
A Brief 3D Tour of Classical Music Historyfor:jrpalmer 
10 Excruciating Martyrdoms of Early ChristianityMedieval Religion 
5 Alternative Teaching Methods - interesting reading! (via / 
Unseen photographs reveal the private life of Adolf HitlerHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Amid Russian push to recast history, Russian historian blames Poland for starting WWIIHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
The National Archives | Exhibitions | Uniting the Kingdoms?yr7_misc 
Spanish Civil War Grave Uncovers Victims of DictatorHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
The long-term consequences of the British Empirehn-yr9-eti 
The Falsification of History in the new RussiaHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
The Appeal of LSEuniversities for:Oliver_b 
Retour de conférence : Paul Seabright "Darwin et les sociétés humaines" - Le Blog du Muséumfor:davidfaure 
Muse in Toulouse, France at LE ZENITH - Eventfulfor:jrpalmer 
Cromwell's speech to the RumpThe Stuarts 
Oliver-Cromwell.jpg (image)The Stuarts 
Animation of the Great Fire of London (via / Stuarts 
Samuel Pepys BiographyThe Stuarts 
Inside the Teenage Brain (PBS Video) (via / 
A Brief History Of Social Media (RT @ggrosseck) (via / 
JamLegend - Music Gaming Unleashedfor:jrpalmer 
How does Valkyrie score for historical accuracy? (via / 
No comment necessary...for:richardneiljones 
All About Explorers | Everything you've ever wanted to know about every explorer who ever lived...and more!yr7_misc 
General PostIt: How to create an arcade game in Classtoolsct_postit 
Kubbu: Design quizzes, gather results, analyse data (anyone tried this yet?!) (via / 
Egyptian Mummies: A very nicely presented Flash site (via / 
Space your Face (could be good fun with little kids) (via / 
Here is a GREAT idea for using Wikis as a classroom project (via / 
Seven Civil War stories your teacher never told you (via / 
History Now: Useful for history students choosing extended essay titles (via / 
Spanish Civil War bodies exhumedHistory in the News: Spanish Civil War 
Soviets Had Help during Checkpoint Charlie Standoffhn-coldwar 
Traditional History Courses - Disappearing or Just Evolving?universities pedagogy 
Switch Zoo Make New Animalstarr_children 
To Homework, or not to Homework...That is the Question (via / 
Tilted Twister: A Lego Mindstorms robot that solves Rubik%u2019s cube (via / 
Left v. Right Brained tendencies - handy image for display/presentations (via / 
Taxonomy of Socratic Questioning: Useful for classroom practitioners (via / 
14-year-old hit by 30,000 mph space meteorite (via / 
Enigma Machine Simulator (RT @dianadell): Use in study of WW2/Babington Plot (via / for:richardneiljones 
YouTube - A-Ha - Take on Me (Literal Version)for:richardneiljones for:jrpalmer 
YouTube - The Musical Genius - Derek Paravicini - Part 1/5for:jrpalmer 
Explore two million pages of 19th century newspapers (great for extended essays) #history (via / 
Copy / Paste by Peter Pappas: Classroom Discussion Techniques that Work - Try This Hollywood Classroom Walkthroughpedagogy 
Course: Enigma Text - nice maths quiz using Iphones in schoolfor:Oliver_b 
Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching? (via / 
30 Places To Find Creative Commons Media (via / 
Video - The Norman Conquestsfor:theatreteacher 
British World War I veteran Henry Allingham becomes the world's oldest manhn-ww1 
Proof That Medieval Monks Could DrawHistory in the News: Medieval Religion 
Warwick Castle's dungeon attraction make 15 people faintHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
Debunking 10 Brain Training/ Cognitive Health Myths (via / 
widgenie - HomeActiveHistory Ideas 
Geographic Profiling Works: Great White Sharks' Hunting Skills As Refined As Jack The Ripper'shn-yr9-jack 
*Online Essays on William Hogarthextended-essays-tina 
*Books and exhibition catalogues on William Hogarthextended-essays-tina 
*For your section 1 - Hogarth and the South Sea Bubbleextended-essays-tina 
*Hogarth - more on S.Sea Bubbleextended-essays-tina 
*Hogarth Houseextended-essays-tina 
*Prostitution in maritime Londonextended-essays-tina 
Britain 1689-1815 - EuroDocsextended-essays-tina 
*William Hogarth: Flash and Podcast!!!extended-essays-tina 
*Hellfire Club - GAMBLINGextended-essays-tina 
*Bedlam - The Hospital of St Mary of Bethlehemextended-essays-tina 
*Bedlam - fact or fantasy?extended-essays-tina 
*John Law and the first Finanical Bubbleextended-essays-tina 
*Google Book: Hogarth: Art and Politics 1750-1764extended-essays-tina 
*HOGARTH PODCASTSextended-essays-tina 
*BBC - Radio 4 - Woman's Hour -Hogarth and Harlotsextended-essays-tina 
Some fantastic examples of what is possible with DHTML/Javascript (via / Ideas 
Get new book suggestions based on what you've just read - great for student research (RT @nharm) (via / 
Treaty of Versailles: 90 years old this weekendHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
Skeleton reveals violent life and death of medieval knightHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
Communists turn to Stalin to fight crisisHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Recalling Douglass in the age of ObamaHistory in the News: The Slave Trade 
Civil Rights: Pivotal Events Photo Gallery (via / 
Fighting Malaria: Very good 360 degree panoramas / useful information (via / 
English Tenses Timeline Chart - could be a useful display piece (via / 
BBC - Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips - Homepageinset2-av 
School Gate - Times Online - WBLG: Want a good degree outside the "golden triangle"? Here are some tips for other universities which are good choices for the most popular subjects....for:Oliver_b 
Foreign Policy: Thoroughly Modern Marxib_russia_lenin 
Classtools Diamond9: Religionct ct_diamond9 ct_religion 
Stalin's Wars: An Interview with Professor Geoffrey Roberts #historyteacher (via / History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
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The decade's 25 biggest tech flops slideshow (do you agree?) (via / 
Time Capsule examples: what would your students put in a capsule to sum up 2009? (via / 
I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With Youtab 
Classroom display posters for ICT teachers (via / 
Artist may face charge for 'Nazi' gnomeHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Physical or Human Geography?ct ct_dustbin ct_geography 
Spanish Dustbin Quiz: Past, Present, Future or Infinitive?ct_dustbin ct_spanish 
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dragonsinger » Blog Archive » Classtools.netct_press searchable database of academic articlesextended-essays 
'Last Tommy' Harry Patch dies aged 111hn-ww1 
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'Best tribute to Harry Patch is teaching our children why they must never forget horrors of Great War'hn-ww1 
Britain's last surviving First World War veteran Claude Choules says war was boringhn-ww1 
Radiohead in tribute to WW1 veteranhn-ww1 
Twelve Active Learning Strategies (via / 
**Critical Thinking Puzzles (via / 
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The Associated Press: Guitar legend-inventor Les Paul dies at age 94for:jrpalmer 
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Caribbean slaves came from different regions in AfricaHistory in the News: The Slave Trade 
Why Use Twitter in Teaching and Learning? (via / 
What does this map tell you about Western attitudes to Africa in 1849?! #historyteacher (via / 
toys, gifts, novelties and stocking fillers - Tobartarr_children Cactus Treetab 
Probability lessons may teach children how to weigh life’s odds and be winners - Times Onlinefor:oliver_b for:a 
Maths and Science mobisite for “SmartLearners” at mLearning Africafor:Oliver_b for:davidfaure 
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Letter 'shows Neville Chamberlain was unfit to lead Britain to victory'hn-ww2 
The Big Question: Was Neville Chamberlain really the failure portrayed by history?hn-ww2 
Russia declassifies secret documents on Nazi-Soviet pactHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
BBC Viewpoint: The Nazi-Soviet PactHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
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Free Ebook Searchfor:richardneiljones 
Stalin's bid for a new world orderHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
Geography Priority Chart: Populous Countriesct_geography ct_priority 
USSR plotted invasion of Manchesterhn-coldwar 
Earliest Scottish music discovered on carvinghn-yr8-renaissance 
Portuguese archeologists unearth General Wellington's command posthn-yr9-eti 
My Lai massacre: Lt William Calley apologises more than 40 years after Vietnamhn-coldwar 
Climate Camp set up in the footsteps of the Peasants' RevoltHistory in the News: Norman Conquest 
ICT Quiz: Computer Componentsct_quiz ct_ict 
Biology Quiz: Diagnostic Testing- Lipids and Lipoproteinsct_quiz ct_biology 
Sergei Mikhalkov, lyricist who praised Stalin, dies aged 96History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
'Stunning' Viking find bought for the nationHistory in the News: Norman Conquest 
Neville Chamberlain should be praised, not buriedHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom (via / 
History PostIt: What was promised in the Declaration of Independence?ct_postit ct_history 
Maths | Updatesfor:Oliver_b for:istmaths 
389 Years of Black History in the USA: This would make a great classroom posterHistory in the News: The Slave Trade 
Stalin's grandson goes to court to defend Soviet tyrantHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
EyeWitness Reports: Watching the start of World War IIHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
Modern views on the Nazi-Soviet pactHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
Kremlin Rules - Nationalism of Putin's Era Veils Sins of Stalin'sHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Film portrays athletics gender row in Nazi GermanyHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Stalin's grandson fights for the good name of JosephHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Vladimir Putin condemns appeasement of Hitler on 70th anniversary of WW2 outbreakHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
Children who escaped Nazis retrace 1939 journey to BritainHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
UK documents reveal hunt for Hitler's deputyHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Survivors gather to pay tribute to 'British Schindler'History in the News: Nazi Germany 
Putin blames Britain for Russia's invasion of Poland on the 70th anniversary of WWIIHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
Poland angry at Soviet war roleHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
Re-Stalinization of a Moscow Subway StationHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Critical Thinkingtok 
*Critical thinking webTOK 
Top 10 Creepy Aspects of Victorian Lifeyr9_misc 
mental_floss Blog » They Might Be Giants Release Educational Science Album for Kidsfor:davidfaure 
Berlin 36 tells how Nazis replaced Jewish woman athlete for man in dragHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
World War 2: Poland was conspiring with Nazis to destroy Soviet Union, Russia claimsHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
Lenin and Hitler playing chess. Yeah, right. What a load of rubbish.History in the News: Nazi Germany 
Oxford University puts unseen First World War poet's manuscripts onlinehn-ww1 
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History Timeline: My Life, World Events (Yr7)ct_timeline ct_history 
YouTube - Evolution Explained: South Park Exposes Stupidity Of Creationistsfor:davidfaure 
Germany's New AIDS-Awareness Ad Stars HitlerHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Rare first world war poetry archives published onlinehn-ww1 
David Irving sparks row over Holocaust 'propaganda'History in the News: Nazi Germany 
Romanov grand duchess's hidden jewellery foundhn-ib-russia-to1924 
Josef Stalin 'returns' to Moscow metroHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Medieval travel book on displayHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
History judges Neville Chamberlain unfairly, says his granddaughterHistory in the News: International Relations 1919-39 
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Geography Diamond9: Cairngorms Conflict solutionsct_diamond9 ct_geography 
Churchill: a liability to the free world?hn-ww2 
Gladiators Were VegetariansYr7 History News: Roman Empire 
United Germany might allow another Hitler, Mitterrand told Thatcherhn-coldwar 
Queen Victoria's Crotchless Underwear Deemed National Treasurehn-yr9-eti 
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Ancient Egyptian temples followed astronomy to set their calendarsHistory News 1000-1450: Miscellaneous 
*School history trip fund attackedTOK 
New Details on Roosevelt’s Response to Holocausthn-ww2 
*Britain's worst husband: How 18th century's Andrew Robinson Bowes will make your spouse look a saint | Mail Onlineextended-essays-tina 
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The 'wonderful, wonderful' Viking hoardHistory in the News: Norman Conquest 
Germany unites to mourn hero who braved Nazi yobsHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Pupils 'spend too little time on Holocaust'History in the News: Nazi Germany 
Genealogy Site Details Lives of 'Jack the Ripper' Victimshn-yr9-jack 
Russia Split On Stalin: Hero Or Villain?History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Census shows Jack the Ripper victims led "respectable" liveshn-yr9-jack 
Award for 'bravest street in WWI'hn-ww1 
Russian Schools to Teach ‘The Gulag Archipelago’TOK History in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Holocaust 'Industry' More About Money Than Memory?History in the News: Nazi Germany 
Habsburg family demands right to seek Austrian presidencyhn-ww1 
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Geography Dustbin: Climate Typesct_geography ct_dustbin 
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Russian Dustbin: Creature Featuresct_dustbin ct_russian 
Using as part of a research projectct_press 
Family Echo - Free Printable Family Tree Makeryr7_misc 
Geography LightsOut: Acid Rockct_geography ct_lights_out 
Primary Sourcesfor:mini_moxom 
USSR - USA: Summit Documents and Materials, Washington May 30 - June 3, 1990for:mini_moxom 
How the CIA Got Gorby Wrong | Foreign Policyfor:mini_moxom 
The Catholic Historical Review - Volume 89, Number 2, April 2003,
Project MUSE - The Catholic Historical Review - True Catholic Womanhood: Gender Ideology in Franco's Spain (review)
Spain - Scroll to "Social Values and Attitudes"for:PatriciaUrenaRuiz 
The Opinions of Spanish Women Concerning the Dictatorship of Francisco Franco, The Eagle Featherfor:PatriciaUrenaRuiz 
SurnameDB: Free database of surname meaningsyr7_language | Biologyfor:davidfaure 
In the Footsteps of Marco PoloVoyages of Exploration 
PSHCE Jigsaw: Effects of Discriminationct_jigsaw ct_pshce 
French Quiz: Daily Routinect_quiz ct_french 
French Quiz: Holidaysct_quiz ct_french 
History Timeline: the Alliance system before WW1ct_timeline ct_history 
History Diamond9: The Origin of Surnames (organised by status)ct_diamond9 ct_history 
History Diamond9: Origin of Surnames[2] - organised by statusct_diamond9 ct_history 
Manga version of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' a hit in Japan - TelegraphHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Michael Palin: British Empire was not 'wicked'hn-yr9-eti 
Sole Video Footage of Anne Frank Posted OnlineHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Here and Mao: Communist China at 60...and how it would amaze its founderhn-ib-china 
d. Select the portion you want, right-click and copy;
c. Re-Open IMovie, the film will still be there just without thumbnails;
b. When it is in the interminable "creating thumbnails" phase, shut it down using CMD+ALT+ESC;
Editing a Clip in IMovie
Religious Studies Dustbin: Agnostics, Theists, Atheistsct_dustbin ct_religion 
Marek Edelman, last surviving leader of WWII Warsaw Ghetto uprising dies at 90History in the News: Nazi Germany 
William Shirer: A profilegcse_nazi_germany 
The Reichstag Fire Trial, 1933-2008 - Monthly Reviewgcse_nazi_germany 
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New Jack the Ripper suspect unveiledhn-yr9-eti yr9_jack_the_ripper 
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History Jigsaw: The Life of Anne of Clevesct_history ct_jigsaw 
What happens when you give a class of 8 year old children an iPod touch each? (via / 
Last surviving Trafalgar flag expected to fetch £15,000 at auctionhn-yr9-eti 
Images from Luther's September Testament (via / 
10 Coolest Laptops (via / 
Oxbridge: one student explodes the myths (via / 
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The Miliband family, Stalin and meHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
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Benito Mussolini was MI5's man in ItalyHistory in the News: Mussolini 
Fingerprint Tech IDs Leonardo da Vincihn-yr8-renaissance 
Unrecognised Leonardo da Vinci portrait revealed by his fingerprinthn-yr8-renaissance 
Items from Henry VIII's Mary Rose revealed for first timehn-yr8-tudors 
Geography PostIt: Population in Indiact_geography ct_postit 
Chemistry PostIt: The Periodic Tablect_science ct_chemistry ct_postit 
ICT Priority Chart: Output Processesct_priority ct_ict 
Russian historian arrested in clampdown on Stalin eraHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Databaseyr9_slavery_civil_rights 
Science of Harry Potterfor:davidfaure 
Sixty Symbols - Physics and Astronomy videosfor:davidfaure 
The Age Of DiscoveryVoyages of Exploration 
Explorers Theme PageVoyages of Exploration 
The Particle Adventurefor:davidfaure 
Russia seizes Stalin-era researchHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
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Children and Youth in History | Children during the Black DeathThe Peasants' Revolt 
BBC - Podcasts - World News For Childrentarr_children 
Edgalaxy: reviewct_press 
The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elementsfor:davidfaure 
How Mr Rowe's potion let Hitler's No 2 sleep easierHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
*Visible ThinkingTOK 
Thai waxworks museum apologises for Hitler billboardHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
'Women's love lives were better in East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell'hn-coldwar 
Weimar AmericaHistory in the News: Weimar Germany 
A Curtain Call for the Domino Theory?hn-coldwar 
Democracy loses support in RussiaHistory in the News: Stalin's USSR 
Painting features 'oldest watch'hn-yr8-renaissance 
Israel pulls textbook with chapter on NakbaIB History News: The Middle East 
Nazi Olympics exhibit opens in VancouverHistory in the News: Nazi Germany 
Victoria's secret: how dancing queen kept amused with self-portraithn-yr9-eti 
Other Objects « Coat of Arms Visual DesignerHeraldry 
Archinect : Views : Threatened Closure of Cambridge University School of Architecturefor:julieheathcotesmith 
hotairballoon.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)for:davidfaure 
Vatican thumbs up for Karl Marx after Galileo, Darwin and Oscar Wildehn-ib-russia-to1924 
Film Hails Rezso Kasztner for Saving Jews from HolocaustTOK 
Vladimir Lenin died from syphilis, new research claims